The Tigerman Saga

About The Author/Illustrator
Catman Webb

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Patrick "Catman" Webb

Patrick had the nickname "Catman" placed on him by others, almost 20 years ago.
He and his family began taking care of big cats back then, and the nickname stuck.
Catman is the Founder and Director of Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary,
and President of the National Wildlife Humane Society, a global wildlife conservation organization.
Wildlife is his passion.

Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary

National Wildlife Humane Society

Patrick works in the food industry, in the capacity of Food Safety and Sanitation Advisor,
and has spent most of his adult life working in food processing.
Having good friends and clients in the meat industry, assists Catman in feeding the big cats.

Catman enjoys art and music, and has used them both to generate funding for animals.
For a number of years, Catman performed in various clubs, festivals, and other entertainment
venues, utilizing the proceeds to help maintain Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary.

Catman also enjoys graphic web design, creating web sites and messing about in
art programs. This messing about is what brought about The Tigerman Saga.

The Tigerman Saga is a web based story, written and illustrated by Catman.
It is Catman's hope that people will find and enjoy his writing and art in this internet story.
The desired results are to entertain viewers, yet add a subtle conservation message.
There is also a link to the Top Of The Rock web site on every page of the story.
Hopefully, the story will create traffic to the Top Of The Rock website, and inform people
of the efforts of the sanctuary and organization, and it's very important work.

If there becomes enough internet interest in this fictional story,
maybe some big animation production company will take an interest,
and want to bring this story to the small screen, or even the big screen. :)
That would really help generate funding for the animals!
If you enjoy The Tigerman Saga, please pass it on.

Caricature of Catman, posing with fictional characters from The Tigerman Saga.

Catman's Personal Website
"A World Without Animals Is A World Not Fit For Humans"

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Catman's Art Created Using Daz3d, Bryce, And Hexagon