The Tigerman Saga

About The Saga
A Deeper Meaning

Everything in this story is representative of reality.

Tigerman represents those who are opening their eyes to the plight of
non-human life on Earth, but are not yet aware of what to do about it.
Tigerman is the hero that lies within all humans that truly care.

Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles
Col. Stiles represents people who either do harm to endangered species
and wildlife, or simply do not care.
So, he stands for what is wrong with the human nature
that lacks compassion for non-human life.
He is made to be hated.

People have to hate Stiles and what he represents,
in order to hate what real people are doing.
Maybe even look inside their own lives,
to see if there might be some "Stiles" within themselves.

Earth Mother
Earth Mother represents the healing power of our precious Earth,
if only allowed a chance.

Spyrodox represents the harsh cruelty and fate that many species are
now suffering, by the hand of those represented by Stiles.
Spyro was made to be loved and respected, but could be forever lost.
He represents what is wild and free, yet feared.
He represents wildlife in an ever urbanizing world.
In the story, Spyro returns, but in real life this will not be the case.
People fear what they don't understand.
What people fear and misunderstand, find difficult to be concerned about.

Spargo Ferinus
Spargo represents human potential.
The possibilties of a higher plane of enlightenment and existence,
if we do not destroy the life around us.
If we don't soil our environment, we can advance as a species
and find ourselves as greater beings in our own right.

If we do continue to destroy our own environment,
the life giving source of our existence,
we will find ourselves like the dinosaurs.

Benu Fienix
Benu represents what has been, and what could be.
Benu is a hero of the past, who made great changes that effected
everything forever, in a very positive manner for the present and future.
Benu represents self-sacrifice for the good of all life around him.
He also represents the ability for life to fall, to come very near to an end,
then get back up, and start all over again. Only if it doesn't completely end.
Benu is a seeker of truth and enlightenment.

It is only the seekers of enlightenment, that can steer the course of history
in a positive and productive direction. It is they that find the balance of life.

Benu Fienix's name is a play on the legendary Phoenix and Benu Bird
who are metaphors for life that falls then rises back up from seeming death
to live once again. We can all rise from our own lost lives and excel, if we desire.

Then There Is Jon
Jon is us, everyday humans...
Jon represents the viewers of this Saga, more observant than involved.
Maybe less involved (so far) than even the actual viewers, because half the
main characters have been named by the actual viewers.
He has stumbled upon this place and story, and has been watching
and wondering what he can do, should do, or shouldn't do, next.

The Jungle Island
The Jungle Island represents our Planet Earth, of course.
Our Earth is much like an island in an ocean of space.
Life forms on the jungle island must make do with what is on the island,
just as we humans on Earth must make do with what is on our planet.

If we take too much too fast, then replenishment cannot occur,
and we will ultimately be lost as a species.

I will leave it up to the viewer,
to discern what further added main characters represent.

The underlying meaning of this saga.
is to compel the viewer to actually do something.
If nothing else, to just become aware and
enlightened to what is now going on around us.

To question whether involvement is possible, or at least just care.
This is not just an internet yarn, but also the harsh realities
of the extermination of 1000's of species of life on this Earth.

Much like the story itself, there is no real human plan.

We meander along as a species, in a slash and burn existence
and trample life forms into extinction, some yet not even discovered.
Gone before ever discovered, and will never be known they were here.
We the viewers, like Jon, don't do this intentionally. We just watch.
We get mad, yet we do nothing.

We will only worry when we see the end at hand for our own species.

If we don't believe that can happen, we need only see the list
of known life species that disappear each year (it's a rather large list too).

Inter-dependence between species is like a big pile of Pick-Up-Sticks
(remember that kid's game?). You can keep pulling out sticks,
but eventually the pile will de-stack and fall.

As author, I make choices as I spin this yarn,
the same as all people make choices in real life.

To try to live free,
We do as we see,
And the best we can be,
We choose what is true,
But it's nothing new,
We Are What We Do

Thank-you for taking the time to read of my thought process.
Please do not allow the story moral to interfere with enjoying the Saga.
It is my uppermost desire to entertain and create enjoyment.
Catman Webb

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