The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 1
The Tigerman's First Night As Human/Tiger Hybrid
Earth Mother gives gifts, and teaches.

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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The Earth Mother gave Tigerman the gifts of The Broadaxe and the Urn Of Fire.
She explained to him the need for these things. The fire to stay warm and to cook his meat,
instead of eating it raw and bloody as he did when he was a tiger.
The axe, to defend himself and life in the forest.

Tigerman listened intently, but still had a difficult time understanding. His mind was in a blur.
Conflicting thoughts assaulted his senses. So many desires burned inside him.
His instinctual desire to savagely kill for his food, and the loneliness he had lived with.

Living with such deep loneliness, he was obviously smitten by the Earth Mother.
She had given him new life, and he was overcome by her beauty.

As night fell and Earth Mother disappeared,
Tigerman heard the sounds of the wild all around him.
Impulses to stalk, crouch, and kill, coursed through his very soul.
He smelled a faint far off scent of blood.
His emotions were in turmoil, as a battle between man and animal raged inside him.

As Tigerman recalled the distant memories of being a tiger, in the company of other tigers,
his desire to engage in "the hunt", was intoxicating.
He snarled and growled, as the night brought influences upon him.
He was finding his first night as a human/tiger hybrid, very difficult.

As all of his primitive animal instincts welled up nearly out of control,
Tigerman released a blood curdling roar of rage!

Every living thing in the forest then realized he was among them.

As Tigerman finished his roar, human thoughts began to overtake the animal within him.
He listened intently, and began to appreciate the beauty and depth of life in the forest.

Sadness and rage over the loss of his life as a tiger began to be supplanted
with the wisdom and enlightment of an evolved human, that Earth Mother transferred to him.

With dawn drawing near, Tigerman layed down next to the warmth of the Urn Of Fire,
but sleep eluded him. He pondered his new life and the adventures that awaited him.

He couldn't help but wonder if Earth Mother would return. He was hopeful that she would.
It occured to him, that he had gone from being the only tiger in the forest,
to being the only human/tiger hybrid.
Not only in this forest,,,, but also in the entire world as well.

Surely the beautiful Earth Mother would not leave him to face this alone.

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