The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 15
The Revelations Of Avataris
(A family this close can last forever.)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Upon the "minds and memory" traveler's return, Earth Mother felt it was time for revelations.
Especially for Spyrodox and Tigerman.
Spyro was now aware that he was an Avatarian, just like Spargo Ferinus.
Tigerman was simply confused.

Jon felt as though he was only a voyeur
watching as other people's lives unfolded in front of him.
Jon was very certain of his past, it was his future of which he was uncertain.

Earth Mother began to describe the final days of the planet Avataris
and it's ancient race of very enlightened beings.

Thanks to Benu Fienix, most Avatarians had ascended their life essences,
from their ancient failing bodies, into the surrounding wildlife.
Benu Fienix had predicted, quite accurately,
the impending failure of Avataris' sun, many years prior.

Benu's body had failed him, and because of all of the centuries of proximity to The Stone,
he was unable to ascend into other forms as he had
taught the others how to do.

His life essence, or soul, had suffered metaphysical damage,
so he ascended into The Stone itself.

Spargo and Spyro, brother and sister, discussed their plans to flee the failing planet,
they prepared for their own ascension as instructed by their mother.
They awaited a pair of leopards, who would surely die if they remained on this world.

To preserve their own life essences, and allow the leopards to survive as well,
Spargo and brother Spyro laid on the ground as the leopards approached.
Their consciousnesses streamed into the physical forms of the leopards,
and left their bodies to die with this failing world.

Now intertwined with the physical forms of the pair of leopards,
Spargo Ferinus and her brother Spyrodox entered the portal for their trip
to a planet their mother had arraigned for them to travel to.

This planet was young and the humanoids there very primitive,
mostly living in grass huts and dug out areas in the sides of hills.
Mother had told them this planet would support them for a long time.
Spargo and Spryo were both around 1000 years old,
which was quite young for Avatarians.

Their senses were overwhelmed by the new sensations being felt
through the leopards physical forms. Even though it was midday on Avataris,
stars were showing through the protective artificial atmosphere.
As they headed for the portal, they took one final look at their failing sun.

Knowing that her daughter and son, Spargo and Spyro,
were safely off of the rapidly failing planet, their mother made preparations of her own.
Fleeing Avatarians had been taking pieces of The Stone with them,
as they fled to worlds all over the universe.

Mother made certain to take the book
and a small piece of The Stone with her, to preserve Benu Fienix.
After all, if not for Benu Fienix, their race would have died out long ago.

It was this piece of Stone that contained Benu's life essence,
so Mother wanted to make certain that wherever she went,
she would have him and the book together in the same place.

Ascension was not as critical for her, as she had the most powerful piece of The Stone,
and knew her physical form would never fail her.

Mother entered the portal and was immediately transmutated to the new planet.
Mother knew she would have to locate her son and daughter,
once she reached the planet that would become known as Earth.
It was a big planet, but now that Spargo and Spyro were familiar with ascension,
they would be there a long time and eventually find each other.

Earth Mother, in her telling of the revelations of Avataris,
explained to Tigerman, Spargo, Spyro and Jon, that The Stone grew smaller and smaller,
and could no longer contain Benu's life essence.

After tens of thousands of years on Earth,
Earth Mother eventually had to free Benu from The Stone.
She was able to accomplish this by allowing Benu to converge into her own physical form,
and they had spent the last thousand years sharing the same form.

Tigerman began to understand the true depth of this revelation, as he asked Earth Mother
what the benefit was, of carrying two souls for such a very long time.
Was it not an enormous burden?

Earth Mother replied that she didn't mind. Benu was also her son,
and that's what good mothers do. Protect and care for their children.

Tigerman then asked Earth Mother what became of Benu,
did they still share her physical form?

As she looked up at Tigerman, he knew the answer before she replied.

Before Earth Mother could say a word,

Tigerman said, "Hello Mother".

Earth Mother lovingly replied, "Hello Benu Fienix. Welcome back"....

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