The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 32
Finding New Homes
(It's location, location, location)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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For something a bit different,
all scenes in this chapter are animated.

Pelexis felt the burden of survival of the entire race of Avatarians, on his shoulders.
A thousand years seems like a very long time,
but can run out fast when needing to find many worlds, for many people.

One would think that a single primitive planet could have been found,
and then the entire race could have moved to that one world.
There were considerations of that, but logic dictated there could have been severe
problems in sending that many numbers, of a non-native species, to a single planet.

If the Avatarians brought too much outside impact to a single world,
they could unbalance the circle of life there, and crash the planet.
Also, they could discover within a few generations, that there would be something
negative on that world, that could have driven them to extinction.
A virus, bacteria, or something as simple as severe cyclical climate extremes.

The best guarantee for long term survival of their race, was to seed themselves
over many worlds, in many different galaxies.

Pelexis had to find as many worlds as possible, to complete this task properly.

Pelexis steered his small ship into "Space Distortion Rivers", which are streams
and tendrils of dark space that fold in upon themselves,
and enabled Pelexis to cross vast distances very fast.

These Space Rivers were visible on the small ship's control panel, and allowed Pelexis
to traverse them easily, and follow them into uncharted galaxies all over the universe.

Unfortunately, time moved much faster in these Space Rivers,
making Pelexis' task that much more difficult.

Pelexis' instruments detected a planet showing capabilities of sustaining advanced life.
As he lowered the output on the Hydrogen Plasma Cold Fusion Engines,
Pelexis could feel his small ship slip out of the "Space Distortion River".

As the ship dropped into normal space, Pelexis could feel time slowing down,
and a bright blue planet popped into view.

The blue color indicated the probability of water,
and the visible clouds engulfing the planet, assured an atmosphere.
The ship's instruments indicated a breathable atmosphere.
A world to explore.

Pelexis rotated the side engines into a vertical position,
to allow the ship to make a soft landing on the planet's surface.
The ground was solid, but covered with ice and snow.

Pelexis was not familiar with cold weather, as Avataris had a very mild climate.

Nevertheless, Pelexis took a closer look, recorded the particulars of this world,
then sent the information back to Avataris.

This cold and harsh world was certainly no paradise,
but considering Avataris' sun was dying,
it would be a warmer destiny than that facing his own planet.

The small ship made contact with the planet's surface with a slight jolt.

Pelexis exited his warm ship, and stepped into the freezing cold.
He immediately regretted not packing warmer clothes.
He had opted for more food, and less clothes, when he left his world,
but at that moment, he would have given up a few meals for a warm set of clothes.

Pelexis could see no signs of life in any direction.
No animal tracks in the snow and no visible life in the water he stared into.

This cold planet seemed to have everything needed for life to exist here,
yet Pelexis could see no indications of life anywhere. This seemed very odd.

Pelexis would brace up for the cold, and explore further from the ship.

After trudging through the ice and snow for almost an hour,
with almost no protection from the harsh elements,
Pelexis found a large sea that appeared to be the source of water he observed.

He tasted the water, and it was very salty. Obviously, this is why this water didn't freeze.
The snow and ice would be fresh water, and could supply a source of drinking water
for any hardy Avatarians who might choose to call this planet home.

Anyone migrating to this world, would certainly have to make special provisions
for creating a food source, as there were no animals nor vegetation here.

With that consideration, Pelexis was far too cold to stay there any longer.
The snowfall was thinning and night was coming.
It was bound to get even colder soon.
Pelexis walked briskly back to his ship, and made preparations for a speedy departure.

Pelexis fired up the powerful engines, lifted off the surface,
and redirected the engines back to a horizontal position.

The snowfall had stopped completely, and the stars beckoned.

Pelexis gave the engines a bit of extra thrust, as he was ready to leave this desolate place.
He left the surface and pointed his ship back towards the empty void of space,
and thought about the warmth of his home and his family.

Pelexis would find much better worlds than this,
especially a home for his own family.

A family that he missed greatly.

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