The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 34
The Gardeners Of The Universe
(Spreading the seeds of life)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Pelexis was again in a deep sleep when the alarm went off,
signaling his approach to yet another inhabitable planet.

The ship's autopilot brought the vessel out of the space distortion river.

Pelexis was checking the instruments and saw
this planet was extremely close in nature, to his home world of Avataris.

His small ship was a marvel, and the instruments onboard
were working perfectly, finding one inhabitable planet after another.
It was at one time, part of a fleet of exploratory Avatarian ships.

The Avatarians had long ago abandoned space exploration
in favor of exploring their own life forces within themselves.

They were lucky to have this last ship,
and it was locating the perfect planet at that very moment.

Pelexis made a flyby of this small water planet.
It was the third planet out from it's single sun, and in a perfect orbit.

This planet would have reasonably steady climate, and showed much life.
His instruments also indicated a single moon,
which was orbiting, and on the other side of the planet.

Then Pelexis' instruments picked up something very disturbing.
Another ship!

It was a very large ominous looking craft,
with drive engines larger than his entire ship.
His instruments indicated this planet was too primitive
for local inhabitants to have this advanced type of technology.

Even more disturbing, this foreign ship was more advanced than even his own.
Pelexis knew there was much life in the universe,
but had never encountered beings more advanced than Avatarians.
Pelexis imagined that these life forms were also interested in this ideal planet.

So, he swung out around the large ship and passed by it,
analyzing it with his instruments.
Pelexis had a very bad feeling about this ship, and proceeded with great caution.

Pelexis would have rather passed by this place, than risk his own ship and life.

He had to be careful,
his race and his family were depending on him for their own survival as well.

Pelexis brought his ship out away from this behemoth, and ran a course underneath it.

His instruments indicated a large number of life forms on board.
There was no doubt, that if these beings chose to become aggressive towards him,
Pelexis stood very little chance of a proper defense.

Pelexis checked his own ancient weapons system,
but had no way of knowing whether they were still functional.

He swung his ship around and made a wide pass in front of the other ship.
Pelexis noted that there were large windows on the bridge,
and could also see it was well lit.
He could make out some activity through these windows on their ship.

Pelexis decided to just bring his ship around and face this large craft bridge to bridge,
and see if he could make eye contact with these beings.

Maybe he could ascertain their intentions better, if they were face to face.

Pelexis brought his ship closer, peering into the front windows of their bridge.
He had four large missiles, and twenty torpedoes on board his ship.

He hoped that facing them head on, they would see his armaments
and possibly be reluctant to start any aggression.
Pelexis also thought that if he had to fire any weapons,
a missile right into the front bridge windows, would inflict the greatest damage.

Pelexis readied his ancient weapons system,
and hoped they would work if he were forced to use them.

As Pelexis moved in closer, he could make out two beings on the bridge
no doubt looking closely at him as well.

So far, he could see no aggressive maneuvers on their part.

They seemed to be curious about him and his ship.
He figured he would just move in even closer, for a better look.

Pelexis had his weapons set to "armed",
knowing the red exterior lights would make them more visible,
and hopefully instill some fear in these strange beings.

Pelexis was aware that they could see him through his front bridge windows also.
Hopefully they would notice that his physical shape was similar to theirs.
Maybe that would make them less likely to try something.

Pelexis decided to move in even closer.
He could see these beings much more clearly.

As Pelexis got closer, he could see one of these beings raise his hand
much like he was waving a greeting.
Typically, an upraised hand such as this, was a sign of peace.

This gesture made Pelexis feel much more at ease.

Feeling emboldened, Pelexis brought his ship about
and decided to head on down to the planet for some exploration.
He gave it throttle and moved out to make an approach to the planet's surface.

As he made this maneuver, the big ship began to move as well.
Pelexis did not like seeing this.
His apprehension quickly returned.

Still not knowing their true intentions,
Pelexis noted that they were staying between him and a trajectory towards the planet.

Pelexis' apprehension turned to fear.

With absolutely no warning,
the large ship launched a devastating electrical field around Pelexis' smaller ship.

Pelexis saw his weapons system go down, along with his drive engines.
He was without weapons, and without power.

He was now totally helpless.
In a split second he found himself at their mercy

The next move, was definitely theirs.

Expecting the very worst,
Pelexis was quite amazed when one of these beings appeared on his bridge.

The being was very unique. It was pale and translucent.
It seemed to glow and exude energy.

Pelexis could hear this being speak to him, telepathically.

The delicate looking life form told Pelexis they meant him no harm.
The being explained to him, that this planet was being studied by them,
and they were assisting in it's growth.

The planet had recently gone through an enormous transition
and they were sharing some of their life essence with the life there,
as directed by the Infinite Source of thought and life.
The source of creation of the entire universe.

Since their planet had long ago died out,
they spent their time exploring the universe,
and sewing the seeds of new life and advanced thought.

This was their quest and the purpose of their lives.
They were the Gardeners Of The Universe.

This near ethereal being, told Pelexis that he would show him the planet he wished to see.
Pelexis began to see a forest and green trees, right on the bridge of his ship.

Pelexis started to tell the being of his own quest, to explore for the survival of his race.

The being told Pelexis that he was aware of the Avatarian's plight,
as they watched all the planets bearing life in this universe.

The Gardeners were in all four corners of the universe,
and had been for millions of years.

The Gardener also told Pelexis, that when the time came,
this planet would welcome his own family.

Pelexis was relieved and grateful.

Pelexis knew they were still on the bridge of his ship, yet deep in a forest at the same time.
The Gardener told Pelexis that this place would someday hold great importance to his family.

Pelexis and the Gardener shared many thoughts in a very short time.
When Pelexis conveyed to the Gardener,
how his son Benu had discovered a piece of the oldest matter in the universe,
and how important this stone had been to their race,
the Gardener smiled knowingly.

That stone, the Gardener conveyed, was a piece of his own native planet.
It was The Gardeners' original planet that was the Oldest Matter in the Universe.

The explosion of their native world had spread pieces of their planet outward,
and the Avatarians were indeed very fortunate that a piece of it had fell to their own world.

Pelexis was speechless.

Pelexis saw the Gardener disappear, so he sat down at the console of his ship.
It was time to move on.

Pelexis knew, that in one thousand years,
his family would have a beautiful planet to migrate to.
The larger of his two burdens was off of his shoulders.

He forwarded all the data about this planet, back to his family.

Pelexis knew that the small planet,
third out from that beautiful star,
would serve his family's needs well.

He also knew it was under the watchful eye of The Gardeners.

Pelexis also realized that the mission of the Avatarians
was really not that much different from The Gardeners.

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