The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 36
Crystal World
(Diamonds are forever)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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As Pelexis' ship alerted him to another planet with breathable atmosphere,
he gazed down and saw incredible unique beauty.

As he swung in on a low flat approach,
Pelexis saw outcroppings of jewel-like crystals everywhere.

His ship's instruments detected that the crystals were extremely hard.
Amazingly, the elemental make-up of diamonds, pure carbon.

Pelexis' instruments detected no life on this world,
but it was so stunningly beautiful, he felt compelled to explore.

Pelexis cruised in towards a rather large outcropping of the crystalline structures,
and decided to land in close.

The ship's instruments detected that the planet's surface was not only solid,
but it too was of a crystalline nature as well.
As he gazed at the huge prismatic structures Pelexis was enraptured by them.

He thought for a split second that he saw one of the big crystals move
but realized it was just a trick on his eyes, caused by all of the reflective surfaces.

Pelexis set his ship down amongst a cluster of the big crystals.
Pelexis could hear a very faint audible hum seeming to come from these jewels.
His instruments detected an electromagnetic energy coming from the crystals.

Pelexis surmised that the hum he heard, resulted from the energy the crystals created.
Free continuous power existed there.
Pelexis needed a closer look at that.

The shipped landed on very solid ground next to some crystals.
The surface of the planet seemed to be made of some crystalline material as well.

Pelexis could detect nothing but crystal.
The ground, the outcroppings, even the core of the planet appeared to be crystal.

This was an extremely unusual world, totally devoid of life.

When Pelexis stepped of his ship, something else odd struck him.
There was no wind, he felt no air movement,
and could not ascertain any temperature.

He felt neither hot nor cold. He was quite puzzled by this.

As Pelexis walked up to one of the larger crystal,
he again thought he saw one move out of the corner of his eye.
He knew this was completely impossible,
and was merely a visual trick played by all of these prismatic reflective surfaces.

Pelexis walked up to the large crystal and could see his own reflection quite clearly.
He reached out and touched the crystal, and could feel the energy humming within it.
As he stared at his own image he was mesmerized
and felt he was being drawn deeper and deeper into it.

Pelexis felt as though he were going into a hypnotic state and could not break free.

The energy of the massive crystal held him as if he were spellbound.
In reality, he actually was...

As Pelexis continued to gaze at his reflection in the crystal, something strange happened.
He began to feel as if he were on the inside, looking out at himself.
As he stared from inside out, he began to see his outside visage begin to fade.

In an instance, he felt trapped!
He couldn't breathe!

As Pelexis stood on the inside looking out, his movements became more difficult.
He couldn't get his breath. The energy was increasing to a feverish pitch.

Pelexis looked out and saw that all of the crytals were moving.
Almost imperceptively slow, but moving nonetheless.

Pelexis was, at that moment, afraid for his very life.

Pelexis slid slowly to his kness as if in molasses.
He raised his arms as if to pound on the interior of the crystal.

That was not possible, and his entire body became froze in that position.

He could not move an inch, and could not breathe a breath.
Yet the energy of the crystal seemed to maintain his life forces.

Pelexis was stuck. Really stuck!
Pelexis could think, but that's all he could do.
There was no way to get out.

Hours turned into days, days into weeks, weeks into months.

Pelexis watched the sun come up, then go down, over and over.
It was difficult to maintain a grasp on sanity.

Pelexis saw the sun go up and down so many times, he lost count.
He knew only that years began to pass.

Pelexis had no way of knowing that over 200 years had passed by,
yet there he was, immovably trapped in an enormous diamond substance.

A being that lives thousands of years accumulates a lot of memories.
Those memories played over and over in Pelexis' mind.

Pelexis required no food, nor water, nor air, yet his life continued.
Pelexis began to desire an end. He desired death. Death would not come.

It appeared as though Pelexis would live forever,
trapped in the large crystal.

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