The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 43
The Stone Is Gone
(Oldest Matter gets forever changed)

This chapter is dedicated to Joe "Concrete Satan",
a loyal fan of The Saga.

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Avirha continued to explore, wandering north with Benu in The Stone and his Book.
She traveled her way through another 1000 years,
always looking for clues on the location of her other two children.

Avirha thought about Spyro and Spargo continuously.
This was a big planet and her search seemed daunting, sometimes even impossible.

Avirha came across a beautiful castle.
It seemed almost magical in appearance, and gave her an uneasy feeling.

She could feel restlessness from The Stone, as Benu's life essence stirred from within it.

Avirha was extremely weary as night fell, so she decided to get some sleep.
Her dreams were vivid and took her back to Avataris,
to a place and time that she dearly loved.

Avirha dreamed of her family and the life they had on her home world.
Only her iron will and moral strength allowed her to continue on.

Avirha usually slept very light, but her long arduous journey had exhausted her.
She felt very secluded in this place and allowed herself to go into a deep slumber.
She could have not been more wrong about her seclusion in this clearing.

Unknown to Avirha, the castle belonged to an alchemist by the name of Merlin.
Merlin was in high favor of the king of this land,
and carried out his experiments in this remote castle.
The castle was a gift from the king for Merlin's service to the realm.

Merlin's assistant, a serf serving the alchemist, spotted the sleeping Avirha.
He also saw the Ancient Book and The Stone.

He knew Merlin would want these items,
so he stole them while Avirha was in deep slumber.

Avirha awoke the next morning and was horrified.
The Stone containing her son Benu Fienix, and his Ancient Book were gone!

Avirha felt agonizing guilt for allowing herself to sleep so deeply.

Avirha instinctively knew that her precious possessions were in that castle,
and could feel the life essence of Benu calling out for her.

She ran to the castle as fast as she could,
knowing that her son Benu, was in grave peril.

Merlin, Master Alchemist, had experimented with many substances in his life,
but never any as unique as this Stone.

He had heard stories of The Stone all his life,
and had spent years trying to create this material.
He now had this substance in hand, and planned to unlock it's secrets.

He placed a small amount in a bowl with some combustible material,
to burn it and take note of the results.

He prepared a dissolving chemical in an urn,
and proceeded to drop the remainder in, to break it down to lesser components.

After a long hard run up the mountain to the castle,
Avirha encountered Merlin's assistant at the castle gate.

The serf told Avirha that this was his master's castle
and no one entered without an invitation from Merlin

Avirha could feel tremendous fear coming from Benu's life essence.
She had no time for arguing with the serf, and decided to invite herself in.

The serf never saw it coming.
With blinding speed, Avirha flipped Merlin's assistant into the moat.

Avirha then proceeded to Merlin's chamber door to rescue Benu.

Avirha quietly cracked the door open and peered inside.
To her horror, she saw the alchemist dropping The Stone
into some dubious chemical mixture in an urn.

Avirha knew she was out of time for discussing anything with this man.
It was time for action!

With catlike agility, Avirha leaped through the air landing a fist directly into Merlin's face.
She felt a "snap" as his nose broke, and blood spattered in every direction.

The blow to Merlin's face had the desired effect.

Merlin flew backwards and down to the ground.
His nose was bleeding profusely.

He was quite shocked to receive such a stunning blow from this woman.
He pleaded for her to stay and allow him to continue to study The Stone's properties.

Avirha had no time for his pleas,
and left as quickly as she had entered, with the urn and Book safely in hand.

Avirha traveled back down the mountain, never slowing down for a second.
She wanted to get back down to the clearing with Benu, now in the urn,
to rescue his life essence.

Avirha had no idea of the chemical contents of the urn.
She saw that The Stone was now only mush inside the urn,
and Benu's life was in extreme danger!

Avirha opened her mind and soul,
and invited her son to converge into her physical being.
Two life essences sharing the same body.

Avirha had never known this to be tried before, but knew she had no choice.
It was a chance she was willing to take, out of love for her son.

Avirha and Benu Fienix would now share the same physical presence.
Avirha had no idea of the effects she would experience,
nor how long she would have to maintain this convergence of two life essences.

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