The Tigerman Saga
Epilogue - Part III

A Gathering Of Family
(Family is the most precious thing in life)

Epilogue III is dedicated to my wife Karen,
a loyal fan of Catman.

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
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Two hundred thousand years is a long time to be separated from one's family.
Earth Mother (Avirha) had Benu to keep her company though.

Almost a century passed since Earth Mother found her way to the jungle island
and her other two children.

Much had happened to them, to find themselves at the point they were now at.

Earth Mother spent much of her time gazing into the marble pool.
She loved to watch as past events played out in the special waters.
Along with the very distant past, she also thought a great deal about recent events.

She never stopped loving nor remembering her lifemate Pelexis.

Earth Mother thought about transferring the life essence of her son Benu Fienix,
into the physical body of the last tiger in this jungle.
She observed as Benu found his way as the tiger/man hybrid, "Tigerman".

She recalled the human, Jon, washing ashore after losing his small ship.
She knew that he dearly missed his schooner and his explorations.

Earth Mother assisted Jon in finding life, and a very new life at that.

Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles brought pain and suffering to all he encountered.

Jon learned much from his newfound friend, Spargo Ferinus,
while Tigerman found a friend in Spyrodox (and would later learn they were brothers).

Spyro found his past through these unusual events as well.

Revelations are the path to discovery.
It is the process of discovery that makes all life richer.

Change is vital to life, and understanding one's roots is vital to coping with change.

Even Col. Stiles found his own corruption, but much too late.

Jon's desire to fly was granted through finding a higher level of enlightenment.
He discovered, that having enough faith will give one wings.

Spargo and Spyro depended on each other, and filled voids that only
close family ties could accomplish.

Tigerman gave up a bit of his own life essence to Jon, which enhanced Jon's life
and inextricably bound them together, forever.

All of these events brought the family together, and created kindred spirits.
The differences in life species, races and appearances
can prove to improve life, rather than create conflict.

People need only to try to find a level of understanding, to make it all work out.

As our Saga's band of explorers all found understanding,
there was still a void.

As they discussed the recent journeys, one more event was to unfold.
They watched as a streak of light appeared,
burning brightly, like a comet heading for their jungle island.

Earth Mother recognized it as a shuttle from an Avatarian exploration ship.
Her heart sang in anticipation.

Eridani skillfully piloted the small ship to a clearing in the jungle.
Pelexis had sensed the presence of the special "Oldest Matter"
and had directed Eridani precisely to the correct destination.

His long journey was over, and the Gardener's recommendation
of this world, for his family, was a very generous gesture.
Of all the worlds he had visited, none rivaled this small blue planet.

It is indeed unfortunate, that the natural inhabitants aren't aware
of how lucky they are, to reside here.

It was a joyous and exciting moment as Pelexis greeted his family.
Hope was never lost, but had grown dim.
Even Jon, who had never known Pelexis, felt the uplifting spirit of the moment.

Telepathic communication swirled amongst the Avatarians.
Their thoughts blazed between them, faster than words could ever convey.

Then Tigerman heard the name "Eridani" passing amongst them,
and his heart skipped a beat.
A thousand thoughts came racing back, a flood of memories of 250,000 years ago.
This was an incredibly fantastic twist of fate.

Meanwhile, Spargo looked over at Jon.
His happiness was bittersweet, and she saw a glimmer of pain in his eyes.
She realized that this was not his real home, nor his real family.
He had voids that this joyous reunion could not fill.

Immediately, the other Avatarians sensed her thoughts and empathy for Jon.
Even though he had gained enlightenment, and wings,
he was still a native human of this planet

Jon had lost much.
He lost connection with his own family,
his previously exciting life of exploration,
and his beautiful ship...

Eridani was here to stay with the other Avatarians, and had an idea.

Even though Jon had access to wings when desired, he now had a new way to fly.
He lost one ship, only to be gifted another.

He would now be able to really fly!

As the rest of the Avatarian family stood back,
Spargo Ferinus followed him to his new ship for an extended farewell.

Exploration was in Jon's blood, but told Spyro that he would someday return.
He had family to visit of his own, but also knew he would be forever, part Avatarian.

There were places on Earth and far beyond, yet to be explored.

Adventures that could very well create legendary Sagas for Jon.

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