The Tigerman Saga
Tigerman Saga - Screensavers

Screensavers of the online illustrated story, Tigerman Saga, Part I.
They are created from selected illustrations from The Tigerman Saga


For PC Only, Not Mac Compatible

There are two versions of this screensaver.
Please follow the download instructions.

Right Click a link & choose "Save Target As..."
(make certain you click and Save, not Open)
Remember where you download the file to :)

Tigerman Saga Screensaver With Music
The background music is called Earth Mother, by Catman Webb
This file is about 7mb in size.

Tigerman Saga Screensaver Without Music
This file is about 4mb in size.

Once the screensaver download is complete, you may preview it
with a double click on the file icon (just move cursor anytime to stop it)

To install it as a screensaver, simply right click the file icon,
then click "Install".

Right click desktop, then Properties, Then the Screensaver tab,
scroll down to the tman file and click Apply, and OK.
You can download and install both, and switch around if you like. :)


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