The Tigerman Saga

About Benu Fienix
Postcards From The Past

In the beginning, all matter started off as hydrogen.
As matter aged and succumbed to the influences and duration in the universe,
it changed into other matter. The oldest of matter is the most complex.
This matter resides at the furthest and oldest edges of the universe.

A piece of this "oldest" and very complex matter found it's way back to a planet
called Avataris. Avataris was one of the oldest planets in the universe,
as it too was in the outer edges.

An Avatarian named Benu Fienix discovered this chunk of very old
and complex matter in the flats of the Alurim Sea.

Benu took this Stone to his personal temple, and guarded it for ages in time.
Benu Fienix carefully studied the Stone, and learned many of the Stone's secrets.

The constant nearness and power of the Stone for so many thousands of years
took a terrible toll on Benu.

The enlightenment and power of the Stone was the salvation of immortality for
all of Benu's race, except for him. The Stone had injured his soul to the point of inability
to ascend into other creatures, and to escape the demise of the aged planet of Avataris.

Benu transmuted his life essence into a small piece of Stone, in the hopes that someday
his soul would be healed enough to find it's way back into a physical form once again.

Benu Fienix found his way to the planet Earth, trapped within a piece of what Earthly
Alchemists called "Philosopher Stones". Benu appeared to humans throughout history,
in a non-physical form, and was labeled by humans as Phoenix, Benu Bird, and many
other names, in many different lands.

The Earthly Alchemists worked throughout history to create more "Philosopher Stone"
But were never successful. They lacked a very important singular ingredient.

A piece of that original Stone from Avataris

Learn About Philosophers Stone, Emerald Tablet, Alchemy & Benu Bird
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