The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 14
Secrets Of The Stone
(Sometimes you can go anywhere and never leave.)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Earth Mother told them that at the very edge of the universe, and at the very beginning of time,
this "thing" was formed and thereby was the oldest physical matter in the universe.
Since it was the oldest matter in the universe, The Stone was also the most complex.
It had wondrous properties greater than any other universal physical matter.

As our crew of unlikely universal time travelers peered into the stone structure,
Tigerman and Jon were amazed to see another being. A being not quite human.

Tigerman asked Earth Mother if she knew this fellow and she replied that yes,
she knew him quite well. A connection to 200,000 years in her past.

Earth Mother explained that this was *Benu Fienix, the discoverer of the Stone.
(*See "About Benu Fienix")

Benu had discovered the Stone many millenniums ago, in the flats of the Alurim Sea.
Benu knew upon discovering The Stone, that this was something of great power.

The Stone was capable of transmutating physical matter from one form to another.
It was also capable of transmutating living essence from one physical form to another.

Benu Fienix continued to write in his big book, while Earth Mother went on to
explain that this was the physical matter and method the Ancient Avatarian's used
to ascend their life essence into the bodies of other living beings.

There was a time longer ago, longer ago than the time they were currently observing,
that the Avatarians had brought their world near the brink of destruction.
As they saw their world's wildlife nearing extinction, some wise Avatarian's
convinced the rest of the populace that these lower life forms were worth saving.
The Avatarian's made the effort along with cleaning up their air and water.

The Avatarians saw prosperity and tremendous advancement
for many millenniums thereafter.

Sadly, as their race grew older and older, their bodies slowly grew weaker.
So weak, that their own physical forms were threatening the survival of their race.

Using the wild creatures that they were wise enough to save, along with ages of wisdom
and the powers of The Stone, the Avatarians were able ascend into the bodies
of their surrounding wildlife, thereby assuring them of immortality.

This immortality was the reward for the wisdom of preserving their world's wildlife.

Tigerman, Jon and Earth Mother approached Benu for a closer look and to greet him.
Benu Fienix seemed to not even notice them. Tigerman reached out to touch Benu's back,
and found that his hand passed right through Benu's body.
Meanwhile, Jon noticed that the book Benu was working on, looked very much like the
same ancient book back on the island. Jon was starting to put things together.

Earth Mother explained that they were viewing what had once been, and Benu could
neither see them nor was even aware of their presence. She noted the recognition
of the book on Jon's face, and confirmed his thoughts. Yes, this was the same book
as the very old one on their island. Benu Fienix was the author of the Book Of Enlightenment.

Benu had studied The Stone for thousands of years, and documented everything he had
learned from it. It was his enlightenment that he passed on to the other Avatarians,
that allowed them to transmutate, or ascend, into the physical forms of surrounding animals.
It was Benu, his wisdom and The Stone, that provided Avatarians with immortality.

Benu paid a price for enlightenment. His physical proximity to The Stone had damaged
his soul, and he was unable to ascend along with his fellow Avatarians.
His body died, but his pure essence lived on, through The Stone.

As they continued to watch Benu's past before them, Earth Mother went on to explain
that their planet's sun eventually dimmed and the Avatarians left their world for other worlds.
Their very old planet, at the outermost edge of the universe finally failed them.

The Stone itself, was a small piece of matter from the very furthest edges of the universe,
and was the oldest piece of physical matter known by any living being.
Just as living things change and become more complex over time, so does all physical matter.
This substance, being the very oldest, was also the most complex. Therein was it's most
marvelous properties. This Stone was able to transmutate one form of matter into another.
It could turn wood or lead into silver or gold. It could even ascend Avatarians into animals.

As Avatarians fled their failing world, they went in all directions of the universe,
each carrying small pieces of The Stone to their destinations.

Earth Mother came to Earth and brought with her pieces of The Stone, along with The Book.
Inevitably, humans found out about this Stone, and one even obtained a page of the Book.
(*see About Benu Fienix)

They carved the contents of this page into stone and called it several different names,
in many different languages, the most common being "The Emerald Tablet of Hermes".
The "alchemists" of Earth struggled through the ages to create some of this Stone,
but were always missing one integral ingredient.
An original piece of The Stone itself.

The humans called the Stone many different names.
Lapis Philosphicus, lapis philosophorum, touchstone, or most commonly
the "Philosophers Stone".

Earth Mother explained that it was a single miniscule grain in each of the three vessels,
the Urn of Fire, the Marble Pool and the Fountain of the Ancient Temple,
on their jungle island, that made these three vessels so powerful.

Water never went sour, fire was never extinguished, and endless power was available.
The gold beside the Book, on their jungle island, was created using this special substance
from dirt and common stone. The gold was adjacent to the book to tempt curious humans
to grab gold instead of the Book Of Enlightenment. A human's greed would assure
the safety of The Book. The "Stiles" of the world would always choose the gold.

The fallacy of humans is to always choose wealth over enlightenment.

With that revelation, our travelers saw reality swirling all about them.
Tigerman and Jon felt as if they were in two places at the same time.

Spyro and Spargo knew what was happening, as they too were Ancient Avatarians.
They and Earth Mother were losing their hold on this reality.

Without any audible sound, they appeared back at the Ancient Temple on the jungle island.

As Tigerman and Jon stood in confusion, Earth Mother informed them of the nature
of their long journey. It was not truly through actual time and space that they had traveled.
It was a journey through Spyrodox's, Spargo's and Earth Mother's minds.

It was a journey through ancient Avatarian's memories. Nonetheless, it was quite real.
It was precisely as if they had really been there.

Earth Mother told them they were now prepared for even greater revelations.

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