The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 10
Jon Makes An Ethereal Friend
(Nothing is ever as it appears.)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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As Jon sat by his fire, thoughtful of these most recent events,
he pondered his situation, and how much he had lost.
He had been living the perfect life.

Jon thought about his beautiful schooner, and making landfalls at new and exciting ports.
Sailing and exploring the South Pacific was like a great and wonderful dream come true.

Ever since Jon's sailboat capsized and washed him up on this jungle island,
strange and disturbing events had surrounded him. Jon truly missed his sailing life.

At that moment, as if recent events had not been strange enough, a huge leopard
stepped into his view and placed a huge paw upon his leg. Jon's heart was pounding.
As Jon sat frozen in shock and dismay, a smile seemed to appear on the leopard's face.

Oddly, Jon could hear the leopard speak, yet no sound came from this huge cat.
As Jon sat questioning his own sanity, he heard the cat's voice in his own head,
assuring him that everything was ok. Jon realized the cat could hear his thoughts as well.

This was a very special leopard indeed.

The leopard explained to Jon, that she was visible only to those she chose to reveal herself.
She had many forms she could take, and a spotted leopard was only one of them.
She told him her name was named Spargo Ferinus.

Spargo explained to Jon, that there was once a race of ancient beings
who resided on this island.
They had come from a world far away.

These beings had outlived their home world, whose sun had dimmed,
and also had outlived their own bodies as well.

The world they were from was Avataris,
and they were advanced beings once known as Avatarians.

When their race had evolved so far, their bodies had become too atrophied, and prone
to aging and disease. They learned a process called ascension, wherein they could
transfer their life essence into, and share the bodies of other living beings, such as big cats.

They learned to move from one body to the next, then later were able to simply change forms.
Spargo Ferinus explained to Jon, that she was one of these ancient beings,
and resided here on this island, on this Earth.

While Spargo and Jon conversed in a telepathic manner,
Tigerman and Spyro watched in hiding.

Jon listened intently as Spargo Ferinus explained how life has the ability to exist outside the
boundaries of the physical realm. The physical realm is merely journeys made by life essences
within various physical vessels. Once a race of physical beings survives long enough to gain
this wisdom, they will then have the ability to have life everlasting,
and conquer the physical realm.

As these precepts were revealed to him, Jon couldn't help but wonder if humans would ever
survive long enough as a race, to discover and conquer their own physical realm
and it's boundaries. Would humans destroy themselves before finding their way
to this level of enlightenment?

Meanwhile, Tigerman and Spyro watched Jon motioning and making expression at thin air.

Neither of them could see the spotted cat, so were unaware of why Jon was acting this way.
Surely Jon had lost his mind, and recent events had obviously been too much for him.

As Spyrodox and Tigerman observed Jon from their hiding spots, this is what they saw.
Was Jon conversing to the fire, or to the ground?
Either way, he had certainly gone off the deep end.

While Jon listened closely to Spargo in curiosity,
and Tigerman and Spyrodox closely watched Jon in curiosity,
there were two humans closely observing the interior of the Temple of the Ancients,
in more than just curiosity..

This was IT!! This is what Stiles knew deep down there was going to be on this island.
Treasure, and lots of it!
Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles had been waiting for something like this all his life.
It was certainly going to be HIS.

Although Joe was elated over the thought of being rich,
he was still in remorse over the loss of his brothers.
Joe glanced at the glowing book on the pedestal, and something caught his eye.
The words were strange, and seemed to move on the pages.
Joe looked closer yet, as if in a trance.
Joe's mind became overwhelmed, and he realized this book was a greater treasure
than all the gold in the world. Joe cared nothing about the treasure,
he was going to take this book.

As Stiles carried out the first urn filled with gold,
Joe lifted the heavy book and went outside with it.

As Joe exited the Ancient Temple, Stiles behind him with an urn of gold, Joe decided to run for it.
Col. Stiles set down the very heavy urn, brought up his .45 pistol, and squeezed off two rounds.

Shooting Joe in the back, the first round was a bit low, the second went right through Joe's heart.

Stiles cared nothing of the worthless old book Joe dropped as he got hit by the 2 slugs..
Col. Stiles just knew that he was now a very rich man, with no partners to have to share with.
Stiles would load this treasure into a boat by himself, and traverse back to the mainland with it.

Stiles considered himself a very lucky man, but luck is not always long-lasting.

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