The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 11
Treasure At Any Cost
(Real treasure is sometimes unnoticed.)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Col. Stiles knew he needed to get Joe's dead body into the forest.
He planned on making several trips from these ruins, to his boat.
He knew he was now a very rich man, with no one to have to share with.

This really pleased Stiles.

Stiles grabbed Joe's head roughly under his jaws
and started dragging his corpse away from this place by Joe's head.
Stiles didn't want the freshly killed body to attract predators,
while he was transporting his new found treasure to the boat.

Stiles paid no attention to the blood spattered book that Joe was trying to take.
Col. Stiles couldn't believe what a fool Joe was, to try to run off with only an old book.

"Snake" Stiles was the real fool. The book was the most valuable of all of the treasure.

As Stiles made his way out of the forest with the first urn of the treasure, he heard a sound.
He felt he was being watched and his instincts sharpened, as he prepared for a problem.
The sounds, and the problem was Spyrodox, who had followed the scent of fresh blood.

Spyro figured he would move down the path and attack Stiles directly from the front.
With Stiles carrying this very heavy urn of golden treasure, Spyro would have advantage.

Unfortunately, Spyrodox underestimated Col. Stiles completely.

As Spyro sprung towards Stiles, ready to tear him to pieces,
Stiles dropped the Urn with his .45 readied, and fired a single shot.
The heavy slug caught Spyro square in the head, and instantly ended his life.

Stiles knew the treasure and the leopard would be too much to move at the same time.
Stiles had seen too many unusual happenings on this strange island,
and decided to make for the boat with what he had. He could always come back.

Besides, the contents of this Urn, was an enormous fortune in of itself.

Tigerman ran towards the direction of the gunshot, and found his dear friend Spyro dead.
Hatred, sadness, confusion and vengeance raced through his thoughts all at one time.

Tigerman discovered a human trait within himself. Tigerman wept in sorrow.

Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles prepared for his departure. He sensed things were astray here.
He would load the Urn onto the better of the two vessels and make hasty retreat.

He knew where the treasure was, and had done away with that pesky black leopard.
It was unfortunate that he could not have also retrieved the leopard carcass,
as it would made a very nice rug in his mainland mansion.

Stiles knew dark was falling, but felt sure he could navigate the reefs.

As Stiles took to open sea in the last vestiges of daylight,
he felt things had worked out fairly well.
He had a fortune in treasure and no partners to clamor for a share.
Stiles would return soon, better prepared for the strange events he had encountered.

Stiles still considered himself a very lucky man, but luck is not always long-lasting.

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