The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 12
Spyrodox's Ascension
(The lateral movement of life.)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Earth Mother came to Tigerman's side to console him.
She explained to Tigerman some basic facts concerning Spyrodox.
Spyrodox had been around a very long time, just not as a black leopard.

When the black leopard was a newborn cub, he was very sick and dying.
Spyrodox, an Ancient One and Avatarian, needed to ascend into a body.
He was in the realm of the non-physical after leaving another damaged physical form.

Spyrodox merged his life force with the baby black leopard's and they became one.
This is how the black leopard came by his name.
This is also why Tigerman was able to communicate with the black leopard,
while unable to communicate with any of the other wild animals on the island.

Earth Mother was unable to help Spyrodox heal, as the physical damage was just too great.

Tigerman had asked Earth Mother if Spyrodox would still be of this world.
Earth Mother told Tigerman that it would be Spyrodox's choice and could reappear
on this world, or move on to the afterlife. The Ancient Ones would not simply take away a
physical body from another being, but typically chose to merge with a physical being
needing saving from death, like the baby black leopard too sick to survive.

Earth Mother told Tigerman that the black leopard had lived almost 75 years,
and had enjoyed a long life sharing this form with Spyrodox.

With this in mind, Tigerman carried the black leopard's lifeless body back to the
Temple of the Ancient Ones, to give him proper burial.

Meanwhile, Spargo informed Jon of the tragedy that had occurred.
Jon felt guilty that he was not around Spyro when Stiles killed him.
Jon realized that he cared about the animals, but not enough to prevent this tragic loss.

Finding out that Spargo and Spyro were more than what they appeared,
Jon realized that no life should ever be taken for granted. All life was precious.

Jon also now understood that life never ended, it only made changes.
Enlightenment brought forth the ability to remain the same entity,
when departing a physical world.

Jon vowed to pay much more attention to the wild creatures of this world.
He also vowed to one day find Stiles,
and equal the score.

After burying the black leopard, Tigerman grieved and thought of the brief memories.
As a tiger, he had never felt much sorrow in the loss of other lives,
especially species not of his own.

He surmised that the human side of him brought forth all these new emotions.

Tigerman recounted the short time he spent with the black leopard, and realized
he was now very alone. Jon was a man that talked to thin air, so he wasn't too
sure that Jon could be a friend. Tigerman didn't need friends who were losing their minds.

As Earth Mother kneeled in front of her abode in meditation, a large tortoise
crawled up next to her. With no audible sounds, the tortoise spoke to her.

Earth Mother heard him say, "Hello Mother".

Earth Mother replied, "Hello Spyrodox. Welcome back"....

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