The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 13
Unanticipated Traveling
(Going to a place in a different time and space.)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

As Spargo discussed life and death and Ancient Avatarians with Jon,
she couldn't help but note that his homemade clothes of grass and mosses
were not holding up very well. Deep sleep was not forthcoming for Jon,
as his mind revisited all the things he might have done to prevent
the lost life of the black leopard.

His sense of guilt made him question his attitude towards all non-human life on Earth.

As Jon dozed, Spargo tracked her way to Joe's corpse where Stiles had hidden it away
before fleeing the island. She brought back Joe's pants for Jon,
figuring Joe wouldn't be requiring pants anymore.

Jon could certainly make better use of them than Joe now could.

She cleaned the blood off of them in a nearby stream, and returned to find Jon awake again.
She was unsure of how Jon would react to this grisly present. Jon had little pity for the men
who came here with such evil intentions, and also felt that a change of clothes was due.
He accepted this gift from Spargo, briefly wondering how she had removed them
from the corpse. He quickly dismissed this thinking.
He really didn't care to know.

Spargo informed Jon that Spyrodox had chosen to remain here on this jungle island,
for reasons that would be later revealed. She told Jon that Earth Mother had invited Jon
to meet with her, Tigerman, Spyro and Spargo at the temple ruins.
This was a summons that Jon knew should be respected.

Earth Mother had Tigerman and Jon stand directly behind the Urn Of Fire,
while she, Spyro and Spargo positioned themselves in a triangle around them.
The air began to hum. The fire grew tall and fierce as it spewed from the Urn.

Tigerman and Jon began to find it hard to breathe. It seemed as if air flow had come
to a standstill, much like when entering very enclosed quarters.
Their eyes watered and blurred.

A very white light began to emanate from the base of flames, pouring out from the Urn.

Tigerman was still trying to comprehend his friend Spyro's new appearance,
but there was no time to think of this revelation. In his confusion and dizziness,
he thought he was seeing stars all about the small group of unlikely companions.

As the air darkened around them, a bubble began to form.
Tigerman and Jon could feel an awesome power coming forth from Earth Mother,
Spyro and Spargo. They were both amazed yet there was a mutual lack of fear.
It was as if this were all so natural. So controlled and willed to happen.

Without any audible sounds, they heard Earth Mother tell them to prepare for a journey.

Journey indeed.

The ancient temple disappeared, as well as the jungle, the island and the entire Earth.
Their small bubble was whisking them at speeds not possible through space.
Earth Mother explained, again inaudibly, that they were passing not only through space,
but time as well. They were heading for the Avatarian's original home planet Avataris.

Not only would they be traveling hundreds of millions of light years in distance,
they would also be traveling a two hundred thousand years into the past.

It was revealed to Tigerman and Jon, that galaxies and worlds at the very outer edge
of the universe were the oldest of all space and planets. This was also the origin of the
oldest species of life in the universe. Many species of ancient life had come and gone
from the edges of the universe, because not all had found the secrets of longevity
and everlasting life as the Avatarians had.
Many had simply consumed their own environments
thereby ending all life on their worlds.

Jon pondered this thought, and found it familiar to what he observed on his own Earth.

As the bubbled enclosure appeared in front of a beautiful yet simplistic stone building,
there was an almost audible "pop" as they found themselves on the ground in front of it.

Spargo, Spyro and Earth Mother seemed to be very familiar with this place.
Tigerman and Jon found the air almost intoxicating. Both of their senses tingled
in high energy. An overwhelming feeling of the essence of pure life flowed through them.
Tigerman sensed something vague yet familiar about these feelings,
but Jon was simply astonished beyond comprehension.

As they adjusted to this marvelous place, Tigerman and Jon noted a pulsing glow
from the interior of the stone enclosure. They were eager to investigate.

Earth Mother explained that this small place contained the most important "thing"
in the entire universe, or rather once had, since they had traveled very far back into time.

Earth Mother assured them both, that as soon as they regained their sense of balance,
she would reveal what this "thing" was. Jon and Tigerman stood in the entrance
and peered in. Earth Mother began to explain.

She told them that at the very edge of the universe, and at the very beginning of time,
this "thing" was formed and thereby was....

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