The Tigerman Saga
Part II

Chapter 16
All That Glittered Is Not Gold
(Look close at what you steal, it may be worthless)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Colonel "Snake" Stiles felt quite smug, getting away with all that gold.
Earth Mother knew a few things that Stiles did not.

The "gold" had not always been gold, but only created as a deterrent.
It was heaped up next to the Book Of Enlightenment as a decoy, just for greedy humans.
The humans would ignore The Ancient Book, and take the gold instead.

As Earth Mother pondered greedy humans, she obviously thought of Nathan Stiles.
His great riches had previously been sticks, shrub, dirt and other worthless materials,
transmutated into gold using the powers of The Ancient Stone brought from Avataris.

As Earth Mother gazed into the marble pool (which also contained a tiny bit of
The Ancient Stone), she watched as Stiles carried his golden bounty onto the terrace of his villa.
Earth Mother reached down and grasped some handy grasses and a nearby mushroom,
dipping it into the powerful water of the marble pool.

She concentrated all of the powers of The Ancient Stone at the contents of Stiles' urn of gold.
Transmutation was taking place as the powers of The Stone crossed great distances.

Earth Mother felt complete contempt of people as evil as Stiles.
Her extreme anger and focused concentration enhanced the powers of The Stone.
The wrath of Earth Mother reached Stiles' mainland villa and undid the gold
to the substance she held in her hand

Stiles simply could not believe his eyes!
The "treasure" he had worked so hard for, had murdered for, was not gold at all.

How could this be? The event occurring before him defied all logic.

At this moment, Stiles had a revelation of his own.
The dusty old book that Joe had been so enraptured with, truly was the real treasure.
Stiles decided to purchase a single fast boat, knowing that it needed only to be large
enough to hold fuel, food and supplies, and carry a very small cargo back to the mainland.

Stiles would make his way back to the jungle island, grab this very special Ancient Book
and know that anything would be possible after stealing that ancient tome.

There would be no concerns of poaching any animals.
His plans were to just kill anything that would get in his way.

There would be no need for worthless partners, nor labor to carry dead endangered species,
nor transport any bulky and heavy treasure.

He would merely shoot anything in his way until he laid his hands on that Ancient Book,
and make a very hasty retreat back to the mainland.

When Stiles became this crazed, absolutely NOTHING could stop him,
nor get in his way. This was a mission in which he would NOT fail!

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