The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 17
The Second Crossing
(Take something, lose something)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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As Colonel Stiles made the crossing from the mainland to the jungle island,
he knew that nothing would stop him from getting that ancient book.

He knew that getting his hands on that book would yield him far more than gold.
He instinctively felt that it was a key to incredible power and control.
Colonel Stiles was all about power, it's what he craved the most.

Stiles felt a strange effect on his mind, as he neared the jungle island.
He had felt an eeriness every time before, but had never paid any attention to it.
His many previous trips there, were to only take out all the big cats he could kill
for the huge profits that were made. His greed had always suppressed these feelings.

This trip was different. He had no need for partners, nor searching out prey.
He knew right where to go, and what he was going to take.

Stiles made his beach landing next to the old wooden boat that had been abandoned
on his previous trip here. He noted the bow had settled into sand. The stern was sinking.
He knew he would never see that vessel again after departing the island this time.
The cargo he was seeking could be carried under his arm, with ease.

Stiles sprinted through the jungle as fast as he could. He knew this forest held danger.
He would run straight to that ancient temple building, grab that book and make a dash back.

If anything or anyone appeared in his way, he would shoot them down without hesitation.

Stiles was in excellent physical condition, and could easily run 10 miles at a time, effortlessly.
It was about five miles to the temple ruins, where he would grab the book,
and then make a five mile run back to the beach and his boat.

The return run back to the boat would be no more difficult than the run to the temple.
Or, so he thought.

As Colonel Stiles entered the temple, he saw the gold, the book and a very old tortoise.
This was going to be too easy. He knew he had no need for the gold, and would just ignore it.

As he looked at the book, the old tortoise hissed. Stiles chuckled at the old slow fellow.
The book began to have an effect on Stiles, almost hypnotic.

Stiles looked at the strange writings that began to move, and form pictures.
These pictures were showing the way to the translation of the ancient writings.

Power emanated from the pages of the book, and oddly enough, the longer Stiles looked
the brighter the gold glowed. The gold was trying to attract his attention away from the book.

Stiles failed to notice the old tortoise had moved to the outside, and why should he care?
The big fellow was harmless.

Colonel Stiles knelt before the fountain of water, to quench his thirst for his run back.
At that moment, he felt a crushing pain in his right leg. The pain shot up through his leg and
tightened his chest. The pain was so intense, Stiles' brain seared in agony.
Stiles felt the warmth and wetness of his own blood spilling out of his leg.

Stiles simply could not believe his eyes!
The tortoise was now crushing through Stiles' leg bone, and Stiles could hear it snap.

Colonel Stiles fired a .45 slug into the tortoise which made the old fellow let go, and move on.

At first stiles was in complete shock from the intense pain.
The run back to the beach was now going to take longer than he had planned.

Stiles drank from the water in the fountain, and washed his wounded leg.
The wound miraculously stopped bleeding, and Stiles felt the pain subside.

"Snake" Stiles realized that even the water here was very special.

As Stiles hustled his way back towards the beach, dragging his wounded leg,
he wondered if he had retrieved his missing foot, if that special water could have mended it.

He wanted to waste no precious time looking for his right foot. Maybe there was something
within the book, that would reveal the secrets of regenerating another foot.

Stiles wondered, as he limped through the jungle, what events this delay might bring.
Would this lost time cause him further problems?
Were there more dangers to be now encountered within this jungle?

Odd as it seemed, Stiles also couldn't help but wonder where his missing foot had ended up.

Spyrodox was sad that he had not been able to stop Stiles from stealing the Ancient Book.
Maybe the bite he gave Stiles would slow him down enough for the others to catch him.
His gunshot wound was not serious, due to the thick tortoise shell. Earth Mother could fix it.

There was still the carnivorous instincts of a leopard within Spyrodox,
even though he was now a tortoise.

He would just enjoy this meaty snack until he could find Earth Mother.

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