The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 18
The Obsession Of Stiles
(Tigerman's life essences converge into One)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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They had all heard the shot fired from Stiles' .45 cal. pistol.
Earth Mother and Spargo headed for the Temple and the Ancient Book.

Upon arrival, they found the Ancient Book was gone and Spyro wounded.
Spyro explained what happened to Earth Mother and Spargo,
while Earth Mother healed Spyro's wounds. His hard shell saved him from possible death.

Earth Mother instinctively knew, that upon learning of his origin and true nature,
Tigerman would be sorting out the internal chaos that had been plaguing him.
His physical being was a mixture of life essences, and he would have to converge them.

Stiles' timing could not have been better, although he was not aware of this.
He was merely acting out of greed.
Hopefully, the wound Spyro inflicted on Stiles would slow him down.

Spyrodox explained the efforts he had made to stop Stiles, and the damage he inflicted.
Spyro was truly upset that he could not have done more to protect the Ancient Book.
It had been his responsibility for many years to guard the Temple and the Book,
but being slow and heavy, he was not able to kill Stiles. Especially after being shot.

This was the second time Stiles had shot Spyro, and with the same pistol no less!
Earth Mother assured him that he had done the best he could.

Earth Mother also knew that Stiles had made off with a miniscule amount of
Ancient Original Matter, as he washed his wound in the "special sweet water".
A tiny bit of that Original Matter would be on the bottom of Stiles' pant leg.
She knew he now had the Ancient Book, AND a sample of the Original Matter.

This circumstance was of grave concern to Earth Mother.

Tigerman's mind was chaotic and disoriented, as all of Benu Fienix's life essences
came forth from his recent revelation. The self-discovery had triggered this response.
Tigerman was intuitively being drawn to the forest's edge, towards the clearing.
It was as if a battle between Benu, the wild tiger, and his current self, were in turmoil.

Even the life essence he had as the Tigerman "without fur" was battling within him.
Unknown to Tigerman, when he received the tiger fur from Earth Mother,
more had been passed to him than just fur.
She had used this process to increase his enlightenment, and reduce primitive instincts.

Tigerman had heard the shot from Stiles' pistol, but he was too disoriented to deal with it.
He knew he had to make it to the marble pool in the clearing,
in order for his life essences to all converge into One.

He was helpless until this metamorphosis could occur.

Jon too had heard the shot. He immediately knew there was someone on the island.
He ran to the Temple and saw Earth Mother and Spargo, tending to Spyro.
There was nothing he could do there, and had already lost time going to the Temple.

Jon knew Stiles would have come by boat, so Jon ran as fast as he could to the beach.

He saw much blood on the ground at the Temple, and knew that it wasn't Spyro's,
so he hoped he could catch Stiles, before he could make a getaway.

Jon wasn't sure what he would do if he caught up with Stiles, armed only with his spear,
and also knew that Stiles had a head start on him.

Jon fervently hoped that Tigerman too, was on the run towards the beach.
Jon had no idea of the enormous transition Tigerman was dealing with.

No one could ever accuse Stiles of not being tough, and he was also very lucky.
He had a toughness about him born of his incredibly evil nature.

Missing a foot, Stiles didn't seem to feel particularly lucky,
although he had arrived on the incoming tide, and was departing on the outgoing tide.

He had not had the personal acquaintance of Tigerman either, so Stiles had no clue
how lucky he was that Tigerman was currently indisposed in coming after him.

Actually, Stiles was very ignorant about all of the deep secrets of this jungle island.

Stiles just knew that this old book was very valuable.
Valuable enough, he hoped, to cost him his foot.

Upon reaching the pool of "sweet water" in the clearing, Tigerman's transition began.
All of the life essences within him, past and present, began to converge.
Tigerman felt his pulse racing and heart beating hard.

His mind felt as though it had opened up into a swirling of infinite energy.

The metamorphosis began.
Past lives lined up to become as One.

Chaos turned to coherency, and turmoil and rage into calm.
Total self awareness was becoming complete.

With a burst of energy, Tigerman felt the power of 10,000 years of life,
merging with all that was within him.

He felt a power unknown to almost any physical living being in the universe.

Tigerman knew, amongst all of this happening to him, evil events were also occurring.
He knew he would soon have to deal with that, but also felt quite prepared.

Meanwhile, Jon had reached the beach just in time to see Stiles' departure.
Jon was enraged that once again he had done nothing to stop evil events.

As Jon cursed Stiles, he wondered where Tigerman was.

As darkness set in, Stiles navigated his boat through the reefs of the shallow waters.
He smugly felt himself to be very clever,
and was not totally aware of just how much luck was involved.

He actually considered himself somewhat unlucky. After all, he had lost half his right leg.
Stiles had felt the power of the old book and knew his prize was intact, and was all his.

Stiles had gotten away clean, and would never be caught.

No human on Earth could stop Stiles now.

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