The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 19
(We all go through changes, now and then)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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By the time Stiles made it back to his villa, on the mainland,
his leg was without pain and the wound closed.

Col. Stiles looked at the urn that had previously been filled with gold,
but had turned to worthless vegetation. He felt there was something special about the urn.
He filled it with water to soak the stump that had once been a right foot and piece of a leg.

Maybe the urn would help restore the missing limb. It was worth a try.

As Stiles soaked his leg in the water he had poured into the urn,
something odd began to happen. He felt a tingle in that lower extremity.
The water in the urn began to glow eerily, and emanated power that was felt all the way
to the core of Col. Stiles' brain. Stiles could visualize the missing foot and partial leg.

Why would the water react in this manner, while nothing was happening with the urn?
Col. Snake Stiles began to think about the water in the fountain in front of the old temple.

There was nothing special about the water Stiles had added to the urn.
Why would this water now react in such a strange and mysterious fashion?
Stiles also contemplated the continued healing process that had occurred,
even after leaving the island. Could the fountain water, soaked into his pant leg,
continue to have healing properties? Stiles' mind explored all the possibilities.

Could the previously soaked pant leg, be having an effect on the water in the urn?

In Jon's desire to give chase to Stiles, he examined the old boat left from Stiles'
previous trip to the island. It was in very sad shape.
The old boat was filled with water, and sunk deep into the sandy beach.
The fuel appeared to be contaminated with sea water.

While inspecting the vessel, Jon noted the older dilapidated burner box
that had once provided power from coal to turn the drive shaft and propeller.
Jon wondered if this old steam system could get hot enough using wood, to power the boat.
Jon saw where someone had set up the drive system to by-pass the diesel engine
and turn the gearbox. This was, by design, a back-up, and well thought out.

Whoever had designed this, was preparing for the possibility of running out of fuel.
Jon instinctively knew that this was the work of Col. Stiles,
and realized he had underestimated the depth of Stiles' abilities.

Jon realized it was imperative to get the Ancient Book away from Stiles as fast as possible,
before Stiles was able to start deciphering it's contents.

Jon would try to find Tigerman and start accumulating some dry wood for the trip.

Tigerman's senses were hypersensitive. He could hear audible sounds from far off.
He was also hearing things outside the auditory realm. Not really "hearing" but impressions.
He sensed Jon's desire for dry wood and observed a long dead dried tree on the ground.

He recalled how Earth Mother moved Jon's unconscious body from the beach to her abode.

So, he placed his hand above the tree and concentrated on moving it upward, then forward.
To his delight, the dead tree rose off the ground and followed his hand.

Tigerman was amazed yet pleased with this new-found ability,
and walked the tree, weighing well over 1000 pounds, down to the beach.

Picking up his broadax along the way, it wouldn't take long to chop this dry wood into pieces.
This was sufficient to provide Jon with the desired wood needed to power the old boat.

Col. Stiles pulled his leg out of the urn, and was quite pleased to see a restored foot.
The water in the urn bristled with unbound energy. Stiles was putting it all together.

It wasn't the urn, it was the water!

Stiles now realized the chain of occurrences that had created this very special water.
He surmised that his pant leg, soaked in the water from the fountain at the Ancient Temple,
had carried with it some special properties to the water in the urn.

Something was in the water, and Stiles knew that the book was the key to unlocking
the secrets this water held. He decided to delve deep into the old book,
and find out what other powers were to be found in this special water.

Upon opening the book, Stiles saw only a strange and alien looking scribbling.
As he gazed upon these mysterious characters, they began to move.

They created pictures in Stiles' mind, that seem to explain their own deep meanings.

Col. Stiles was spellbound. He was mesmerized by the power of the Ancient Book.
The more he stared at the pages, the more enraptured he became.

Thoughts from far away, and very long ago, raced through his mind.

It felt as though his brain was going to burst from the new-found thoughts.
Stiles knew that he would never be the same after this day.

Jon and Tigerman were making as fast of passage as the old vessel would allow.
Jon had the flames in the old firebox stoked to capacity.
Tigerman felt exhilaration from moving across the water. This experience was new to him.

Jon had no idea where they were going, and asked Tigerman if he had any ideas.

Tigerman replied,

"just follow the dolphins, they know the way."

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