The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 20
Stiles Unlocks Secrets
(Knowledge can be a dangerous thing)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles had always been an avid reader.
His ability to read and comprehend was outstanding.

Had Col. Stiles not been such an evil human,
his keen intelligence might have brought forth productive accomplishments.
The only accomplishments Stiles' was concerned with were wealth, power and exploitation.

As Stiles studied the Ancient Book, and contemplated the substance in the special water,
he knew he had indeed hit the ultimate jackpot.

Stiles read in the book, how there was a substance of ancient origin,
that had complex and powerful properties.

He took note of the parts that explained convergence of life properties.
He realized that he could have the physical properties of other beings or species.
He failed to comprehend the warnings of doing this only with living creatures.

Stiles dragged out the hide of a leopard he had bagged, on a previous visit to the island.
He had been preparing this hide to make a nice rug for his villa,
but now saw a better use for it.

Stiles saw no reason why he shouldn't practice the art of convergence on himself.
He had, after all, been very successful in restoring his missing foot.
Col. Stiles removed his jacket and hat and sprinkled himself and the leopard hide,
with the special water from the urn.

Stiles immediately felt the power of the substance in the water taking effect.
He concentrated on garnering the powers of this once powerful cat.
With one hand in the urn and the other on the leopard hide,
Stiles began to feel changes occurring within his own being.

The metamorphosis had begun.

The leopard hide disappeared, and Stiles was filled with excruciating pain.
Stiles also felt an exhilaration of power coursing through his body.
Col. Stiles was no stranger to pain, and ignored the fierce burning that wracked his body.

Stiles had no way of knowing he was making a terrible mistake
by converging with a dead being.

He knew only that he felt the power of twenty men.

Converging with a dead leopard would only serve to make a dark heart even darker.
Since Stiles was not overly concerned with evil, and had no morals or ethics,
he cared little of the negative effect this process was having on his soul.

Col. Stiles was eager to test out this improved body of his.

Col. Stiles sprung from the boxes he was kneeling on,
and flew through the air, much like a leopard would leap upon unfortunate prey.

It actually surprised Stiles to find that he pounced almost twenty feet in a single leap.
This truly pleased Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles.

He knew with all certainty, that there was not a man alive
as physically powerful as he.

Realizing the enormous value of his find, he also knew that there would be others
searching for him to take away his awesome new possessions.

So, Stiles dressed himself for a hasty departure, poured the water in the urn
into an empty fuel can, and prepared to leave the villa.

Col. Stiles gathered up the book and the fuel can of special water to head inland,
where he could hide from anyone making chase, and further study his prizes.

Stiles was also eager to try out his own personal powers on some profitable misdeeds.

Tigerman, using his own newly acquired abilities, knew Stiles had unlocked a secret
from the Ancient Book. Tigerman also now knew for certain, that Stiles had realized
that he had a miniscule amount of the ancient substance in his possession.

Tigerman urged Jon to make haste in their chase.
There was grave danger ahead of them.

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