The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 21
The Chase Is On
(The longer it takes the worse it gets)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Stiles' sensed an impending conflict forthcoming, but not exactly what.
Since his convergence with the leopard's remains, he had obtained heightened senses.

He knew that he needed to get away from his beachfront villa, and head for the city.
He had no time for packing bags, or boating his way to the city harbor, so set out on foot.
Moving on foot was quite easy for a man with the speed and agility of a leopard.

Stiles took only the Ancient Book, and the red fuel can full of "special water", and headed out.
He would take these items and hide them in a safe place.

Stiles had a watertight crate that he used to hide valuable items,
such as extra weapons, ammo, legal papers and secret documents.
So, he decided a short stopover would be prudent to keep his "new acquisitions" safe.

Deep amongst trees and shrubs, Col. Stiles found his hidden crate near an old stone arch.
The Ancient Book and container of special water would be safe here.

Stiles pried open the crate and placed the Ancient Book inside.
He wanted to be fully prepared before entering the city,
where he maintained an apartment there.

He felt it would be wise to take some of the "special water" with him, in the event he needed it.
Col. Stiles emptied a pint of rum he had stashed in the crate,
to be used to fill with the "special water".

Col. Stiles carefully poured some of the contents of the fuel can into the now empty bottle.
This small bottle would be ideal for portability, in keeping some of this water with him.
He knew he would also have other "special needs" for getting around in the city.

Col. Nathan Stiles then pulled out and emptied the briefcase,
typically used to hide his secret documents and legal papers.

Stiles knew he could not head into the big city empty handed.

Knowing of the powers of transmutation that this "special water" held,
Stiles crammed the empty briefcase full of grass and weeds.
He poured a few drops of the "special water" over this flora,
and observed the energy that ensued.

Stiles concentrated deeply on his greedy but necessary needs.

Led directly to the beach in front of Stiles' villa by the dolphins,
Tigerman and Jon found that Stiles had fled the premises.

Arriving two days later, they did not have the good fortune of finding Stiles here,
nor the Ancient Book or sample of "special water".
Jon and Tigerman knew their journey would now be prolonged.

Digging through the stacked boxes, Jon discovered some apparel they could use
in the event they would need to go somewhere populated, and remain disguised.

There were no clothes that would fit Tigerman properly,
so he settled on a cloak that he could use to cover himself up.
Claws on Tigerman's feet eliminated any shoes. He had never worn shoes before,
so being barefoot was most comfortable, and to his liking.

Jon, on the other hand, found that Stiles' clothes fit quite well.

Tigerman could smell that the empty urn laying on the ground, had recently held
the "special sweet water", that was laden with a miniscule amount of the
powerful Ancient Matter.

Tigerman informed Jon, they would merely follow the scent to stay on Stiles' trail.

Back at Stiles' hiding place, he found he had gotten his desired transmutation effects
on the grasses and weeds he had crammed into the empty briefcase.
A plethora of brand new crisp and bundled hundred dollar bills.

Stiles could not have been happier with his accomplishment.

After sealing the crate back up, and making certain that the crate
was thoroughly covered with shrubs and grasses, Stiles headed out for the city.

He knew he could do anything he wanted, once he got there.
He would test the limits of his new found powers on the surroundings there.

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