The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 22
Entering Mayaplasa
(Some jungles are concrete and steel)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Stiles entered the city of Mayaplasa at night, knowing that his "new look" could get noticed,
and that there was safety traveling in the dark.
The business section of the city was empty of all the normal people,
who worked their normal nine to five jobs, then went home to live their normal lives.

Stiles' life was nothing near normal now, as if it ever had been.

As Col. Stiles ran with the speed and agility of a big cat, down the empty boulevard,
he knew that he had made some mistakes in his convergence with the deceased leopard.

Stiles hoped his interpretations from the Ancient Book had not been too far off,
and that any penalty for his errors would not be too severe.

At first opportunity, Stiles took to the rooftops of the city buildings in Mayaplasa.
Col. Nathan Stiles leaped distances only a leopard in the forest could accomplish.
He knew that he could avoid the prying eyes of those late night humans who
would question his unusual appearance, and wonder what manner of human he might be.

Stiles was beginning to wonder the same thing himself.

Nathan Stiles tilted back his bottle of "special water" and quenched his thirst for water
and for additional power and strength. He found the liquid almost intoxicating

Perched on the precipice of a tall building, Stiles could see his apartment building
only a few blocks away. He would soon be finding safe solace in his city dwelling.

Stiles felt secure in the knowledge that he would be in a good hiding spot,
and that his precious book and larger stash of "special water" was also well hidden.

Since Stiles had never actually encountered Tigerman, he was quite wrong in his feelings.

Tigerman followed the trail of the book he himself had written, as Benu Fienix,
and the scent of the water containing the ancient matter.
Jon trailed along, confident that Tigerman had special powers that were infallible.

Tigerman pointed to a clump of bushes, trees and shrubbery, and relayed their success.

It had been quite awhile since Stiles had been to his apartment in Mayaplasa,
and noticed a musty smell. He had left a light and his television on from his last visit,
to give appearances of his apartment as being "lived in".

Col. Stiles was proud of his place here, and decided he would kick back,
open a few windows, and count his cash in the briefcase.

He had some plans in mind for this cash.

Upon discovering Stiles' crate, and the contents he and Jon had been tracking,
Tigerman took out the fuel can of "special water" and handed Jon the Ancient Book.

Jon couldn't help but be curious as he watched Tigerman empty the "special water"
into the crate. He asked no questions, but instead just observed.

After emptying the contents of the fuel can, of it's precious contents into the crate,
Tigerman took the Ancient Book from Jon.

As Tigerman focused his concentration using the timeless powers of transmutation,
he cast the Ancient Book into the crate now containing the "special water".
Jon stood speechless, even more curious in the process Tigerman was conjuring.
Jon felt a pressure exerting against his body, much like a bolt of lightening striking closely.

Tigerman told Jon that the Ancient Book was now back in safe hands.

Earth Mother, waiting at the fountain of the temple back at the jungle island,
prepared for Tigerman's transmutation of the Ancient Book
from one source of "special water" to another.

As the Ancient Book rose from the fountain
Earth Mother retrieved it from the waters.

So far, Tigerman and Jon's quest had been a huge success.
They had one more task to complete, which required entering the city.

The ever-growing powers Col. Stiles was experiencing,
allowed his instincts to know something had gone terribly astray.

Stiles focused his powers on the television,
to show him the whereabouts of "his" Ancient Book.

It was then he realized it was no longer his (as if it ever had been).

As Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles sat alone in his apartment, he realized that
his plans had been ruined. Stiles was seething.
Col. Stiles was losing complete control of all of his senses and emotions.
He watched helplessly, feeling like the loneliest human on Earth,
knowing there were no others like him.

It was then that Stiles decided to take a revenge that would cause these interlopers
more devastation and destruction than they could ever imagine.

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