The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 23
Tigerman Chooses A Hideout
(Some make arrivals, some make departures)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

As Tigerman and Jon entered Mayaplasa, they knew they had to find obscure quarters.
Tigerman knew obscure was needed to be suitable. A place to suit their needs.
An abandoned dilapidated old power plant seemed ideal.

Jon was confused by Tigerman's choices, but who was he to argue?
After all, he was just a common mortal human.

Jon did have a few tricks up his sleeve, like opening locked doors (without a key).
Jon made short work of gaining entry, even with the rusty old lock.

As Jon opened the old resistant heavy door, he peered inside.
Even in the dark this place didn't seem to show much comfort for their needs.
The acrid acidic fumes and moldy smells assaulted his senses, and was revolting.

Why would Tigerman pick a place such as this?

The floor was ankle deep in oily, nasty, stagnant water and the entire place intolerable.
Jon was having serious doubts about Tigerman's judgment in living quarters, so he inquired.

Tigerman explained that they could have chosen an abandoned garment factory,
had they wanted to make garments.
Or, they could have chosen a condemned furniture factory,
had they wanted to make furniture.

Then Jon realized that there was always the possibility that Tigerman planned to create power,
since he had chosen a condemned power plant on the bad side of Mayaplasa.

Jon reminded Tigerman that it could very well be years of work (and huge amounts of money),
before this old condemned power plant could possibly produce any power.

Tigerman reminded Jon that he didn't understand much about transmutation.

Tigerman threw back his head, raised his arms and conjured the past,
to replicate the power plant back to it's former glory.
Transmutation manipulated the molecular structures back to their original new form.

Needless to say, Jon was more than amazed.
It was then that Jon understood that the power of Benu Fienix was now evident.

Indeed, Tigerman was far more than the tiger/human hybrid Jon had originally encountered.

Col. Stiles' powers were beyond even his own comprehension.
The transmutation Stiles had imparted to the television,
continued to display more "vision" than "tele".

Stiles was compelled to sip more from the bottle of the "special water",
unaware of the changes the water was creating within his mind, soul and physical being.

As he imbibed in this powerful liquid, his physical form kept changing.
He was becoming more leopard and less human (as if Stiles were ever very much of a "human").

His hat and shoes had to go, as they no longer fit.
His jacket would soon have to go, (and his mind was "going" as well).

He had after all, converged with the deceased remains of a leopard.
That was a grave error.

Stiles' tortured mind was in agony, as the transmutation he had placed on his television
continued to play out the events that had brought him to this tumultuous point in his life.
Col. "Snake" Stiles' ears buzzed, his brain burned and thoughts of death consumed him.

Meanwhile the changes he had made to his television continued to hammer his brain
with past events, and his own horrible actions. An accumulative effect began.

Stiles felt himself slipping into a total and completely irreversible state of madness.

The sights and sounds of the television,
and the sights and sounds welling up from his own mind
were not of guilt, nor regret.

Futility, extreme loneliness, and bitter reminders,
were haunting him from his own dismal childhood.

His soul had gone from intrinsically evil, to total insanity.

Stiles had tremendous power, huge wealth, and the strength of a big cat.
Unfortunately, his convergence with the big cat was one with a dead body
devoid of any life, thoughts or instinct. Stiles had merged with a corpse.

This was not the enlightenment the Ancient Book had instructed.
There were even warnings, Stiles had simply chosen to ignore.

Col. Stiles considered the hard cement sidewalk 22 floors below.
The transmutation of the television in which Stiles had imparted,
continued to plague him with the evils events and the callous actions of his past.

At this point, the only thing Stiles could think of was to make the demons leave his mind.
Col. Stiles could think of only one solution....

The peaceful solace of ending the torture residing within his soul.

Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles contemplated the sweet end of making sudden contact
with the hard and unforgiving pavement of Mayaplasa, far below his open window.

Stiles ran and took a leap, seeking to quiet the 10,000 voices screaming in his mind.
That was an action that would end all of his misdeeds and evil doings.

Or, would it?

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