The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 24
Stiles Finds A Reason To Live
(Gravity doesn't always do the job)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Tigerman explained to Jon, that changes in any physical substance requires energy.
Tigerman had a few changes he needed to make,
and chose the abandoned power plant for an energy source.

If they were still on the island, Tigerman would have unlimited resources of power,
from the special "sweet water" that was there.

This facility was still linked to the city's main power grid, and now that it had been restored,
it would meet Tigerman's needs perfectly.
Tigerman now had access to Mayaplasa's entire power system.

Jon watched as energy crackled and hummed and coursed through Tigerman's body.
Jon had no idea what Tigerman was doing,
but did know there were some major changes occurring.

Tigerman turned around, and to Jon's amazement,
Tigerman had undergone a major change in appearance.

Tigerman explained to Jon, that Earth Mother had allowed him the ability
to return to the appearance of his original transmutation.
This change back required vast amounts of power,
but would be handy to travel through Mayaplasa with a bit more stealth.

Striped fur would definitely be an oddity to the local citizenry.

Had Col. Nathan Stiles watched his transmutated televison for just a bit longer,
he would have seen just how close his unique nemisis was getting to him.

It really didn't matter, as Stiles dove out the twenty-second floor of this building,

Knowing that he had lost everything he had worked so hard for,
Stiles had nothing else to live for, and thus desired to end it all.

As juiced up as Stiles was, on the special "sweet water",
that contained a miniscule amount of the original stone,
there was no opportunity for death, even from a fall such as this.
Anticipated death did not greet him, however excruciating pain did.

With nearly every bone in his body broken, Stiles cursed his life
and the fact that he had nothing left to live for.

Once again, Col. Stiles' powers were beyond his own comprehension.
As he layed on the hard unforgiving pavement, he felt changes happening.

He felt bones mending, organs healing, muscle tissue and sinew repairing itself.
He had imbibed in the "sweet water" in such copius amounts, transmutation was occurring.

As he layed in a pool of his own blood,
he thought perhaps this was the punishment for the type of life he had lived.

He would not find death's angel this night, and escape from his tortured insane mind.

As Stiles lifted his head, he felt the moistness and taste of his own blood.

His mind screamed in agony, yet he pulled himself on up,
knowing nothing else he could do.

As reparations of his body were underway, the pain slowly subsided.
There was little else Stiles could do but get on his feet and get moving again.
Perhaps he could find some surer way to end his own existence, if he searched further.

His life had no meaning, nor purpose anymore, although he would like to take that
big tiger looking fellow to death's door along with himself.

As Nathan Stiles walked the late night streets of Mayaplasa,
he stood under a streetlight and could not believe his eyes.

He dropped to his knees in shock, as he took note of the sign on the building.
His mind raced through the memories of his wretched and greedy life.

Life frequently deals out irony, and the dealer sometimes stacks the deck it seems.

As Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles brought himself to his feet,
he continued to stare at the sign on the building.

If one is patient, life will give a man a reason to live.

Stiles now had an excellent purpose in life, and his destiny was true and sure.
He had a clear path to follow, and an obligation to do something he was very good at,


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