The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 25
Family Reunion
(Father doesn't always know best)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
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Convergence with a dead leopard carcass was taking it's toll on Stiles.
Although enjoying tremendous physical prowess,
his mind was taking a hard left turn into the dark recesses of insanity.
He had never been far from that destination anyway.

Col. Stiles' childhood was one of poverty, confusion, depression and suffering.

Living with his neurotic mother, without a father, had been intolerable.

As Col. Nathan Stiles read the sign on the large bank building
(a branch of an enormous international banking firm)
the memories of his father, James T. Stiles, came rushing back into his deranged mind.
Indeed, a fortuitous opportunity was presenting itself in front of him, at that exact moment.

There had always been a place in the depths of Stiles' mind
that desired revenge on his father for leaving him and his mother.
That abandonment forced young Nathan to grow up in total chaos and abject poverty.

He had not seen his father since then, but if he had ever encountered his father prior to this night,
his loose grasp on sanity would have prevented him from taking his father's life.
This was no longer the case. Sanity was something that would now NOT impede that agenda.

Moments prior, Nathan Stiles had nothing to live for, but ironic fate had stepped in
(along with insanity) and gave Col. "Snake" Stiles a new purpose in life.

His father must die.

Tigerman and Jon had moved stealthily about the city, taking route through back alleys,
back doors, and back stairwells instead of elevators.
They had found themselves perched high atop a building for a better view of the city.
Tigerman pointed to a higher spot they could climb to for a somewhat better vantage point.

Although never fearing the ocean, nor the dangers of being alone out to sea,
Jon had always had a deathly fear of heights.
For some confusing reason, he was no longer bothered by this phobia.

Jon was eager to climb yet even higher. He was oddly exhilarated by this lofty perch.

As Jon and Tigerman reached the higher precipice,
Jon mentioned to Tigerman that he had seemed to have lost his lifelong fear of heights.

Tigerman explained to Jon, that this was a natural change,
as a result of his resurrection from death, by Earth Mother

As the two of them stood far above the city streets of Mayaplasa,
Tigerman enlightened Jon on the reasons for the changes he was experiencing.

Tigerman and Jon looked down at streets of the city, and Tigerman began to speak.

Tigerman's non-tiger shared soul was that of Benu Fienix.
Benu's soul had survived in the piece of ancient stone
Earth Mother had brought from Avataris, as that planet's sun failed.
Benu's soul resided in the stone for tens of thousands of years, but Benu still explored.

Benu Fienix would use astral projection to escape the stone, to explore the planet Earth.
To maintain a connection to the physical realm and the ancient stone,
Benu would maintain a very ethereal physical form, typically that of a bird.

Ancient humans had obtained a page of Benu's Book Of Enlightenment,
and when catching slight glimpses of this bird (that would appear, then disappear),
they used Benu's name to describe these apparitions.

The Benu Bird,,
or, the Phoenix Bird.

When the Stone became too small to contain Benu's life essence,
Earth Mother took Benu's soul into her own form for over a thousand years.
The nature of the bird became integrated into Earth Mother's life essence because of this,
and Earth Mother often transmuted herself wings, when the desire to fly was strong.

Tigerman explained, that in order to connect Jon's life essence back to the physical realm,
when Jon died, Earth Mother had to impart a small amount of her own life essence
into Jon's own lifeless body. Jon was now connected to Avatarians for the rest of his life.
Through that, Jon would always feel a connection with the bird, going back many millennium.

Jon would never fear heights again, and would always have a small piece of Tigerman's soul
in the nature of "the bird". Hearing these words made Jon strongly desire the ability to fly.

James T. Stiles loved money more than anything else in the world.
This hunger was so strong, he found himself owning banks in many countries.

He spent all of his time traveling, visiting his banks and accumulating wealth,
"on", and "off" the books.

He had an eccentricity of making certain a sizable "cash bonus" was obtained
at each of his branch banks, and was prepared for him on his visits (off the books).

His branch executives would make certain this gratuity was properly prepared
if they valued their jobs.

Robbing the poor was just as gratifying to J.T. Stiles, as poaching was to son Nathan.
They both loved and craved cash. "Like father, like son".

As James Stiles counted his ill-gotten gains, he had the odd feeling he was being watched.
He was on the top floor of the building, and alone in his office here,
so he knew that was impossible.

As son Nathan peered through the window at his father, rage roared through him.
He also noted the large amount of cash on the desk, which further fueled his evil agenda.
There was going to be a bonus in exterminating his wretched father.

As father Stiles went back to counting his money,
feeling incalculable greed, he also felt an odd emptiness.
An almost aching sadness....

His life had no real meaning nor purpose anymore,
and often wondered what it would be like to leave this earthly existence.
Would there be another life after this?

Did Hell await him?

He had no way of knowing that the opportunity to find out,
was closer than he could imagine.

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