The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 26
The Dreams Of The Insane
(The sins of a parent are visited upon the child)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
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Tigerman and Jon stood on the ledge, watching a day in the city pass by.
Jon loved his new found freedom from his phobia of heights.
He also listened intently as Tigerman discussed his life as Benu on Avataris.

Tigerman realized that the more he talked of his former life, the more he remembered.

As darkness fell, Tigerman's sharp vision noted a sign lighting up, on a far off building.

J. T. Stiles Bank And Trust Corporation.

This was far more than coincidence, and Tigerman instinctively knew this had meaning.

Tigerman tried to point out this far off sign to Jon, and even though it was being lighted
as darkness fell, Jon's human eyes could not make out the words.
Jon had no doubt of Tigerman's keen big cat eyesight, and agreed that this bank
was probably connected in some manner to Col. Nathan Stiles.

Jon and Tigerman agreed to head back to the old power plant
and check this bank out closer in the light of day.

Tigerman felt he was ready to try something to assist Jon in his transition,
and that Jon was ready as well.
Jon pointed out that it was beginning to rain.

James Stiles watched as rain fell against the window as the night took the place of day.
J.T. Stiles' mind wandered back to his son Nathan,
whom he abandoned along with his neurotic wife so long ago.

James Stiles had not given any thought to Nathan for many years.
He wondered why his long forgotten son bothered his thoughts now.

Elder Stiles' mind meandered back to the boy, and how much aggravation he caused.
Nathan's fragile mother always accused James of being too hard on the kid,
but James wanted the boy to be tough. Not soft like his mother.

J. T. recalled once hitting the boy a bit too hard in the mouth with his fist,
and cutting Nathan's upper lip bad enough to leave a very visible scar.
The boy needed to learn when to keep his mouth shut,
and this experience would make him grow up to be a better man.
The boy's mother disagreed and got unreasonably upset over the matter.

J.T. got tired of hearing the whining of his wife, and watching the spoiling of their son.
So, he just took everything he had accumulated, and left them to their own devices.

He preferred the company of his friend's wife, and took her with him as he left.

Col. Stiles returned to his apartment, and a great exhaustion took him over.
He had not slept since he left his oceanfront villa.

As sleep overtook him, he thought of his father and all the cruel beatings
he had taken at his father's fists. One had left him with a severe scar on his upper lip
so Stiles had always wore a mustache to keep it covered and out of view.

As Stiles fell off to sleep, he thought of the sweet revenge he would exact on his father.

The dreams of the insane are rarely sweet, and Stiles began to have nightmares.

Col. Stiles dreamed that his animal mounts on the wall, became alive.
They ravaged him and tore him to pieces in his dreams.

The death that Col. Stiles could not find in his reality, visited him in his dreams.
His soul dove directly to a place most would expect for a man of such low character.

Col. Stiles went straight to Hell!

Col. Stiles had never been a religious man, most evil humans give no thought to their souls.
It was odd that his dreams would have him go to this place,
although a sane man could expect no better.

Col. Stiles could feel the flames as if it were real, and not just a dream.
He felt his flesh being seared by the flames,
and the intensity of the heat was boiling his brain.

In his dream state, he felt it could get no worse than this.

Even in the worst of nightmares, Hell can be more than just fire and brimstone.
The horrors of his childhood and the hatred of his father, stoked the flames of mental anguish.

Col. Stiles' intense loathing of his father, made even Hell a far more hellish place.
In some part of his dreaming mind,
Stiles realized that he was not so very different than his father.

Even with the many years of separation, Stiles had grown up to be his father's son.
Col. Stiles had grown into the man he was, from the seeds his father had planted.

Tigerman explained to Jon, the process Earth Mother had used to free his life essence
and converge it with the last tiger in the island jungle

Jon's mind then fully grasped the process she had used to resurrect him to a new life.
Tigerman offered Jon a process of completion. He offered Jon the essence of Avataris.

Jon eagerly agreed, he knew there was a higher plane of existence and desired to ascend.
Jon knew his life would never be the same after this night.

As Tigerman passed on a bit of the life essence of Benu Fienix, he could hear Jon think.
Jon's mind asked if this process would make him an Avatarian, or would he still be human?

As the spark of ascension passed from Tigerman to Jon,
Tigerman replied without speaking a word.

He told Jon that indeed, he would still be human born of Earth.
He would soon be a human that would represent the potential of all humans on Earth.

He would be what all humans could expect to become someday,
if they obtained the enlightenment to not destroy themselves, or their precious Earth.

Jon would not be a human from another place,
but instead from another time,
the future....

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