The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 27
Hell Is What You Make It
(The past creates the present, on the road to Hell)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Every man has his own Hell.
Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles got a glimpse of his Hell, and saw his fate.
We all have our own demons and devils, for Col. Stiles it was his father.

Nathan Stiles' past had always haunted his dreams,
but now his past and present were about to collide.

As Col. Stiles awoke from his nightmare, he felt compelled to take a deep drink
of the special "sweet water" to restore his energy and regain his composure.

The television he had transmutated played back his nightmare
like a rerun of an unwanted horror show.
It was a very grim reminder of his wasted and greedy life.

As Col. Stiles drew himself back into consciousness, he was gratified to see
the trophy heads of animals he had slain, back on the wall.
Instinctively, he checked his neck to see if it was still in one piece.

Nathan Stiles had no more time for sleep, especially this type of slumber.
The blood he spilled in his nightmare, was replaced with copious amounts of cold sweat.

If Col. Stiles were to catch up and greet his father,
he would have to get on the move.

Nathan Stiles dressed himself to cover his unusual appearance.
The coat and hat felt constrictive and uncomfortable.
He knew he would have be less conspicuous, if he were going to pull this off unnoticed.

Making certain to bring along the bottle of "sweet water"
Col. Stiles left his apartment to head off to his appointment with his own destiny.

This was an evil task he had desired to accomplish his entire life.
His day of reckoning was upon him. He craved to kill his "personal devil".

After imparting his life essence into Jon, Tigerman assisted Jon with his
convergence with infinite and perfect thought. The source of all life.

Jon felt a great uplifting of his physical self, as if gravity was giving up its grip on him.
His impossible desire for flight was teasing him as he rose to the very tips of his toes.
Jon felt an exhilaration sweep through him, like had had never known before.

Tigerman guided Jon towards ascension,
within the universal stream of consciousness,
to become one with God.

Jon felt as light as a feather and his gun clattered as he dropped it to the floor.
Jon's toes rose several inches off the floor.

Jon was no longer in contact with the Earth.
Neither physically, nor spiritually.

The life essences of Benu Fienix, aka Tigerman, became visions for Jon.

Jon saw and felt the ancient world of Avataris, and explored a kinship
with his newly acquired brothers and sister. Jon felt what they felt.

Even though Jon could not fly in the physical realm,
his desires were granted him through his convergence with universal life.
Jon realized with great enlightenment, that nothing in the universe was impossible.

Within his visions, Jon could fly!

Upon Jon's return to the Earthbound reality of time and space
he discussed his amazing experience with Tigerman.

Tigerman listened knowingly, and understood well what Jon had gone through.
Tigerman also felt lost memories of Benu Fienix returning, from listening to Jon talk.

Their merging of minds had proved to be mutually beneficial.

Jon was clearly in a state of enormous excitement,
as he conveyed his experiences to Tigerman.

Jon also enthusiastically described the feeling of flying to Tigerman.
Tigerman chuckled to himself, knowingly.

In a time long ago, and of the only avenue of escape from The Stone,
Tigerman was certainly no stranger to flight.

Col. Nathan Stiles made his way into his father's bank office,
in the last few hours remaining of the night.
He would patiently wait for his father's morning arrival.

The abused child within Stiles however, was impatient and eagerly desired retribution.

Col. Stiles waited, killing time in a favorite method, staring at a large sum of cash.
Time wasn't the only thing Nathan wanted to kill, as he sat contemplating his sordid life.

It would now only be a matter of hours,
when Col. Nathan Stiles and James Stiles would meet for the first time in many years.

Their meeting would be a clash of destinies.

The outcome of which neither, in their wildest of dreams,
could have possibly imagined.

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