The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 28
A Leap Of Faith
(Nothing is impossible with sufficient faith)

This chapter is dedicated to Vicci "Biali 78",
a loyal fan of The Saga.

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

The sun was coming up and a new day was dawning in Mayaplasa.

Tigerman reminded Jon that they needed to get downtown for a bank appointment.
Tigerman told Jon that this day would test his faith,
and also reminded him that nothing was now impossible.

While they made their way towards the bank, Col. Stiles awaited the arrival of his father.

Col. Nathan Stiles was eager to see his father, J.T. Stiles,
and had a big surprise for "dear old Dad".

J.T. Stiles was taken aback with the sight of a stranger sitting at his desk.
The door was unlocked when he entered, and some thief was there to get his money.

J.T. pointed his finger at the stranger, and told him he had made a grave mistake
thinking he could get away with stealing from a man such as himself.
As he ordered the stranger out of his office, he felt a sense of familiarity pass over him.

J.T. instinctively also felt a wave of dread pass over him.
Something was severely wrong here.

Col. Nathan Stiles stood up with blinding speed, shoved back the chair
and tore off his overcoat, all in one swift move.

Col. Stiles pointed his finger back at his father and exclaimed,
"Father, your money is not the only thing you are going to lose today"!

J.T. Stiles stood frozen in shock.
This monster called him Father!

With catlike agility and prowess, Col. Stiles sprung off the desktop at elder Stiles.

As Nathan Stiles flew through the air towards his father, J.T. saw Nathan's face.
Even with the strange and horrifying physical appearance,
J.T. recognized this monster's face as that of his only son

J.T. Stiles had always feared retribution from his son, but even in his wildest nightmares
he could have never anticipated such terrifying events such as these.

For the first time in his long and bitter life
J.T. Stiles was extremely afraid.

Col. Stiles landed on his feet with perfect precision, and in the same instance
brought his knee up with tremendous force into his father's chest, breaking several ribs.

Col. Stiles pummeled his father's face until blood flowed profusely.

Col. Nathan Stiles beat his father into unconsciousness.

Col. Stiles then carried his father's limp body to the window,
and threw him through the glass.

This was the day that Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles had been awaiting all his life,
and it felt good...

With his keen and enlightened Avatarian senses,
Tigerman had told Jon to make for the roof directly above J.T.'s office.

Jon's coat and shirt felt strangely constrictive, as if they were shrinking.

As Jon removed his coat and shirt, he saw shattering glass,
and a well dressed older man come flying out the top floor office window.

Acting completely without hesitation, Jon took his "leap of faith".

Jon dove off the ledge putting all of his faith in Tigerman's words,
never thinking for one second of his own safety.

Jon had watched on the sidelines through many recent events, doing nothing to assist.
A passive and useless spectator.

This time things would be different.

Jon plummeted in a free fall, pointing himself in the direction
of the old fellow who was falling limply towards the ground.

Jon had no idea what he would do when he reached the old man,
and had put himself in the hands of fate and unwavering faith.

Col. Stiles' unbridled joy did not last very long.
Moments after throwing his father through the glass window,
Tigerman slipped quietly through the office door.

Nathan Stiles had seen this big fellow on his transmutated television
and was fully aware that he had been hot on his trail.
He also knew that this was the same fellow that robbed him of the
Ancient Book and large jug of "sweet water".

Snake Stiles was weary of this big guy getting into his business
and decided he would just throw this odd looking fellow out the window too.

Of course, Tigerman had a completely different scenario in mind.

Jon realized why his coat had felt like it was shrinking.
Faith had given Jon wings, for which he could use to fly!

Jon continued to work his way towards the unconscious falling man.

Jon now knew there was no question of his own safety, as he could fly!!

Flying was all so new to Jon, that this rescue was being impeded
by his lack of familiarity in how to manage this ability.

Jon couldn't help but wonder if he would reach the old man in time,
as the street rapidly grew closer by the second.

He also had no way of knowing if these wings would support the weight of both of them.

Faith had taken him this far, and the next few moments of time
would bring either success or failure.

Of course Jon had no way of knowing how truly evil this man was,
and that a failure to save him would not really be an enormous loss to humanity.

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