The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 29
Two Generations, Out The Window
(One down, one to go)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles looked into Tigerman's steel blue eyes and saw rage.
Col. Stiles also saw an enormous ax being lifted in his direction.

Nathan's experience in the military taught him that there were times to fight,
and there were times to retreat.

Nathan determined that this was not the time to fight.

Tigerman leapt up on the desk with the agility of a tiger, ready to chop off Stiles' head.
Col. Stiles knew he had survived a long fall before in his suicide attempt.

Nathan Stiles decided he would rather take his chances on a long fall, than with Tigerman.
As Tigerman landed on the desk, Stiles took to the broken window.

Stiles thought, maybe he would be lucky enough to land on his father and break his fall.

Tigerman felt cheated as he watched Stiles go out the window.
He wanted to see a head roll, so instead hoped the fall would kill Nathan Stiles.

Tigerman heard sirens in the distance and knew he would have to make a fast exit.
He would use the back stairs and check on Col. Stiles, on the street.

Upon catching the falling elderly gentleman, Jon found he could still fly with no problem.

As Jon was flying the one falling man, he saw something astounding.
Col. Stiles was on his way down too!

Jon decided he would just take a chance and grab Stiles too.
Jon maneuvered his way to intercept the falling Col. Stiles.

Jon didn't realize it, but he had two generations of miserably evil humans in his hands.
It appeared to be more than his wings could bear.

Jon's wings curled back, as the excess weight started pulling him towards the ground.
A decision had to be made, someone had to be dropped.

Jon wasted no time in making this decision.

Jon knew who Col. Stiles was, but had no idea who the elderly fellow was.
Jon felt that if someone had to kiss cement, Col. Stiles was the best choice.

Jon felt a slight tinge of remorse, as he released Col. Stiles to finish his long fall.
Only a small tinge. A very small tinge.

Jon continued his ascent, and would take the old fellow back
through the window from which he came.

Jon Knew he would have to be quick, he could hear the sounds of sirens getting closer.

As Col. Stiles fell towards his certain death,
Jon felt that somehow Tigerman may have had a hand in this "accidental fall".

Col. Stiles hit the pavement with a dull thud.
This was a much further fall than his suicide attempt.

This time though, it was Nathan's desire to survive.

Jon flew through the broken window
and deposited the elderly gentleman into the desk chair.
There was no time to check him over, the authorities were now on the scene.

Jon couldn't help but notice the large amount of cash stacked on the desk.
Lesser men would have grabbed all the cash they could carry.

Jon left the money undisturbed.

Jon could hear the elevator stopping on this top floor.
So, he raced out the door as his wings transmuted back into his body.

Jon would step out onto the roof, grab his shirt and coat
and head down to the street to see what happened to Col. Stiles.

He instinctively felt he would find Tigerman doing the same.

Mayaplasa's police were shocked to see the condition of J.T. Stiles.
They were also quite puzzled to see the huge sum of cash on the desk.

They would take J.T. downtown, get his injuries looked at,
and start an investigation on the reason this money was not in the safe,
where it belonged.

J.T. Stiles knew that his life of luxury was about to end.
J.T. knew he would never see freedom again.

When Jon reached the street he found Tigerman there, back in his fur.
Jon and Tigerman gazed at the pool of blood where Col. Stiles should have been.

It appeared as though Nathan Stiles had survived and made an escape.

Jon asked Tigerman why he had transmutated back into his striped fur.
Tigerman told Jon they were ready to leave this city,
so he no longer had a need to be disguised.

Tigerman knew exactly where they needed to go to catch Stiles.

Tigerman told Jon they must move very fast,
as enormous trouble was imminent.

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