The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 30
Reaping What Was Sown
(Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
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Earth Mother was concerned for Tigerman and Jon,
so she went to the marble pool to gaze into the special water,
to see if she was able to get a view of how things were going in Mayaplasa.

She surmised that events were rapidly changing, because she could not
gain a clear view of the circumstances surrounding them in the pool's water.

The marble pool of special sweet water did respond to her efforts by showing her
past events that were forever etched in the fine particles of original matter within the pool.

Earth Mother's heart ached for the life she enjoyed over 200,000 years ago in her past.

Earth Mother stared at her reflection, as someone would gaze at a stranger
with a sense of familiarity, yet not quite sure of who they are.

Earth Mother felt remorse over the fact that although her race had greatly extended their
length of life, they had lost their home planet and all that had been achieved there.

The Avatarians had scattered themselves all over the universe,
assuming the shapes and forms of many different beings, in many different places.
Near eternal life meant very little, when there were so few others to share it with.

Earth Mother also dearly missed her life-mate, and the father of her children.

Maybe Earth Mother putting on her faded dress of long ago,
caused the view in the marble pool to harken back to ancient times.

Gazing into the water laden with sparse fine grains of the universal original matter
images of her past life on Avataris filled in the voids of deep sorrow and loss.

Earth Mother recalled her original ancient Avatarian name, Avirha.
She also recalled her life-mate of many thousands of years, Pelexis.

She reminisced of the time spent with her son Benu,
who worked diligently on the properties of the ancient original matter
that had once saved their planet from self-destruction.

Avirha and Pelexis were very proud of their other two children as well,
Spargo Ferinus and Spyrodox.

They had spent a thousand years together as a close and loving family,
until the end of their planet's life when their sun burned out.

She wondered constantly of what had become of her dearest Pelexis.

Earth Mother's attention was snapped back to matters at hand.
It appeared as though Col Stiles was heading back to the jungle island,
no doubt to reclaim the Ancient Book of Enlightenment.

She could not call up the whereabouts of Tigerman and Jon.
Earth Mother was certain they were giving chase.

Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles obviously had a head start.

Stiles was very sore but healing rapidly from his leap out of the building.
It was a calculated risk that paid off.

Col. Stiles knew that once he reached the jungle island, he would have the old book.
and an inexhaustible supply of that special water.

Stiles needed only to beat that human and his big catlike friend back to the island,
dispense with any others in his way, and prepare for their arrival.
He would then be the most powerful man in the world.

Spyrodox shared his mother's thoughts and vision of the returning Col. Stiles.
Spyro also recalled being shot twice by Stiles, and also losing his black leopard form.
He had payback on his mind, and protecting his mother and sister.

Spyrodox decided he would meet Stiles half way, and attempt to stop his voyage
to their obscure and secret jungle island.

Spargo reminded Spyro that he was not a sea turtle, only a tortoise.
A tortoise would drown in the ocean, and would never make it to Stiles alive.

Spyro pointed out that Spargo quite often transmutated into different forms,
and that he too should also have these capabilities.

As Spyro walked deeper into the warm Pacific ocean,
He concentrated intently on transmutation of his physical form.

He seemed to be gathering a curious following.

As Spyrodox felt himself running short on air, he also felt transmutation begin.
His form began to change to that of a fish.
A rather large and formidable fish.

A huge fish with a built-in weapon.

Spyrodox marveled over the ability to breathe under water through these gills.
As a Marlin, he was able to move underwater with incredible speed and agility.

Spyro recalled his leopard form and the speed at which he had been able to move.
Stiles had robbed him of that graceful and agile form,
that he had enjoyed for so many years.

He swam hard for a day and a half,
his desire for retribution growing stronger the entire time.

Spyrodox found Stiles halfway between the mainland and island,
the boat stopped and Stiles on hands and knees, peering over the side.
No doubt Stiles had stopped, and was contemplating lunch.

It would not be Stiles finding lunch on this day.

Spyrodox leapt over the boat, impaling Stiles along the way
with his large sharp protruding spike.

Stiles was caught completely unaware,
and screamed in agony as his body was cleanly penetrated.

Spyrodox pushed Stiles deeper under the water
as blood gushed out of Stiles' body.

It appeared as though Spyro's efforts were drawing a larger crowd.

Col. Stiles was hemorrhaging enormous quantities of blood,
laden with residue of the special sweet water.

The crowd of sea life grew larger as the dolphins moved in to also observe.

It was at that time, the noon lunch crowd arrived.

Stiles' body was weakened from being impaled on the Marlin's spike.
Two sharks had little trouble in tearing him in half, to share this easy lunch.

Sharks typically only bite humans, and rarely eat very much of them.
There was an unusual and sweet taste to Stiles, so he would be consumed in entirety.

There was absolutely no chance that Stiles would ever see the jungle island again.

Jon and Tigerman left the city shortly after Stiles departed.
They wanted to catch him before he got to their remote secret island.

Jon assured Tigerman that his wings were capable of supporting them both,
and they could reach Stiles somewhere over the Pacific,
between the mainland and their island.

Jon secretly hoped his stamina would hold out on this flight.
He could not fail, or they would both would fall and drown.

Just as Jon's strength was failing, and he realized he could no longer maintain flight,
they spotted Stile's boat drifting in the ocean.

If he had not stopped, they would have never been able to catch up to him.

They wondered why he had stopped,
and then Tigerman pointed out that the boat was empty.
They were puzzled, yet at the same time relieved.

They would not know until later, what had happened to Stiles.
They did realize however, that they had a way back home.

The thought of home sounded wonderful to Tigerman.
Even Jon now thought of the jungle island,
as his home too.

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