The Tigerman Saga
Chapter 3
The Tigerman Finds A Home
(Maybe A Friend Too?)

3D Art And Story By: Catman Webb

No longer a tiger, Tigerman decided he was tired of sleeping out in the weather.
So, he set out to find himself appropriate shelter.
He had seen old buildings in the jungle, although no humans lived there anymore.
Tigerman recalled seeing a sturdy stone structure, and decided to find it again

Little did he know, that it was an ancient temple that a race of very evolved beings once used.
The "Enlightened Ones" had abandoned it, long before modern man showed up on this Earth.

As Tigerman neared the temple, his heightened tiger senses started sending alarm signals.
He smelled the scent of his long time enemy, a leopard.
He also smelled the scent of that special sweet water.
The water smelled much like the special water in the clearing where he last saw Earth Mother.
He needed this nice den, especially since there was water. Special water at that.
He would deal with the leopard, and dispense him with his broad axe if need be.

There was something else assaulting his senses. An energy coming from the temple.

As he neared the temple, Tigerman noticed a stone pedestal inside,
from which there was a faint glow of light.
He was anxious to see what was inside, that would cause such a brightness.

To his right, he saw the water source, and to his left the leopard. He prepared himself...

The leopard saw the large axe, and decided Tigerman was too formidable to fight with.
The leopard had never seen a being such as this,
but knew very well of the enlightened Ancient Ones.

He thought this one might be one of the Enlightened Ancient Ones returning,
and invited him in.

Tigerman examined the object on the pedestal, and felt oddly energized.
At once, for some reason, he knew it was what humans called a "book".

Tigerman didn't realize, that it was the ancient Book Of Enlightenment.
At first it made no sense, but as he gazed at it, great knowledge poured into his mind.
At first he saw only pictures, but as he looked closer there was funny scribbling called words.
As he continued to stare at the book, the knowledge he received
made the words comprehendible.

He felt lucky to have made this discovery,
and knew it would prove to be most beneficial in the future.

At first the black leopard was irritated by this stranger intruding in on his den.
His responsibility was to guard this place from any human that he might encounter.
He had in fact, dispensed of several visiting human poachers that had stumbled in.
They were quite tasty too.
This "human-looking" being seemed different, and the black leopard smelled tiger on him.

The leopard decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and wanted to make friends.

If Tigerman was going to decide to live here, and didn't mind sharing the abode,
who was a black leopard to argue with that?

Tigerman explained how he was the last tiger in the world, but the leopard knew differently.
The black leopard told Tigerman, that this jungle was simply an island,
but he had indeed been the very last tiger here. Humans had killed all of the others.

Tigerman then realized why Earth Mother felt this island was so special.
It held the secrets of the ancient Enlightened Ancient Ones.
He told the leopard he had to bring his Urn Of Fire here, and asked the leopard to come along.

As they started across the island, Tigerman challenged the black leopard to a race.
As they ran easterly back to the Urn, they both felt it was good to have a friend....

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the leopard and Tigerman, a human was approaching the island.
The human, cruising the Pacific in his sailboat,
had encountered the bad luck of a devastating storm.

Floating toward the island, the human could not have dreamed in that unconscious state,
the events that would soon unfold...

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