The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 4
The Accidental Human
(Worlds Collide)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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By nightfall, the human with the capsized sailboat, washed up on the island beach.
This human, Jon, had floated for days and was dehydrated and starved.
He had given up hope as he knew he was very near death.
Jon ended up on the beach, while his wrecked boat remained on a reef a half mile from shore.

Jon knew death was at hand, as he crawled with all his strength toward the forest.
Images of his adventurous life and all the exotic places he had sailed to,
made a final passage through his mind.

Jon had been a man of nature, in tune with the sea and all it's life.
His beautiful wooden gaff rigged schooner had served him well,
taking him to many exotic places all over the Pacific Ocean.
Jon had faced many trials and had always been a survivor.

As his small ship lay broken out on the reef and at it's end,
Jon knew the end was at hand for him as well.

Jon fell face down in the sand. His breath burned almost as much as his brain.
His fever was out of control, his throat dry and raw, and his belly full of salt water.

Dehydration and starvation had ravaged his body, mind and spirit.

As he lay in the sand, his eyes blurred and closing, his mind saw pictures of better times.
Jon thought of family and friends who would fret from lack of communication from him.
Jon's last thoughts were that they would never know how he died.

Then Jon did indeed, die.

As Jon slipped into the callous arms of death, he heard a harmonious humming sound,
and felt a bright light upon him. He felt as though this must be the afterlife.

At the moment of death Earth Mother appeared next to Jon,
to do what needed to be done.
She sensed Jon had been a lonely but good human,
and had also sensed his unexpected arrival to the island.

As she knelt beside him, she drew upon the force that resides in all life on this Earth.
She focused these forces upon Jon's lifeless body,
and pulled his life back from the formless journey it had begun.
As Jon returned to life, he was still limp and in a deep comatose state.

Warmth returned to his cold body, and blood began to flow within him once again.

Earth Mother knew Jon was in need of further repair to his body and his soul.
She removed the force of gravity from underneath him,
and moved him toward her place of healing.

With her hand above him, guiding him, she floated his limp body into the forest.
Earth Mother also sensed the presence of another life form nearby.
One who was watching from a distance.

She sensed this watcher with familiar recognition.

She had no time to focus on that though, all of her attention must remain on Jon.
Jon's life depended on her..

Earth Mother removed the burning fever from Jon's brow.
She took away the parched throat, shriveled belly, and removed his hunger and thirst.

She lifted him up out of the dangerous comatose state he was in,
to the more desirable condition of a very deep warm sleep.

Meanwhile, off to one side, Tigerman watched in confused amazement.
He couldn't understand why Earth Mother would help a human.

After all, it was the humans that ended his race on this island and plagued other life here.
The Book of Enlightenment had imparted a greater respect for all life to Tigerman.

He also thought, that if Earth Mother felt this man's life should be saved,
then there must be a greater reason.

Tigerman would not immediately slay him, but instead, would watch and wait.
It was a difficult temptation to resist.

Jon woke up in the morning feeling very weak and amazed he was still alive.
He had dreamed he was with a beautiful woman, and had laid on an alter of healing.

Jon had no idea how he had ended up in the forest though,
but realized there was no beautiful woman, nor stone alter of healing.

Just a hard log.

Jon was dizzy and befuddled and feeling as though he were being watched.
Jon sensed he was in a very strange world, much different from his own world.

For Jon and Tigerman, these two worlds would soon collide....

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