The Tigerman Saga

Epilogue - Part II
There's No Place Like Home
(Home is what you make it)

3D Digital Art And Story By: Catman Webb
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While Tigerman and Jon were making their voyage home,
Spyrodox was ahead and nearing the island as a marlin.

Spyro thought about the events that took place and things he had been through.
The very old tortoise spoke within him, one soul to another.
The old fellow was ready to move on.

As Spyrodox hit the beach, his sister Spargo was waiting.
She was anxious to know the events that had taken place.
Spyro was transmutating back into the tortoise as he crawled from the sea.

Spyro told her that he had another change to go through
before he could stop to explain the prior experiences that had occured.

Spyro explained to Spargo, that the old tortoise soul within this body
was tired and ready to find his way to a higher plane of existence.

Spyrodox had no need to remain in this physical form
now that he had discovered to transmutate into other forms.
Especially now that the old tortoise no longer wanted to reside
in this physical existence.

Spyro desired a more agile and less constrictive physical form anyway.

While his sister Spargo watched,
Spyro began yet another transmutation process.

Spyrodox had observed the very agile and somewhat human animals
that moved through the jungle with speed and ease.

He decided it would be quite interesting to be one of these animals.

Although lacking sharp teeth and claws, Spyro now had hands.
He would be able to move through the jungle
either on the ground or in the trees.

Spargo Ferinus chuckled quietly to herself over her brother's choice.
If Spyro wanted to make a monkey out of himself, that was his choice.
She also thought how much fun that form might be.

As Spargo and Spyro headed back towards the Ancient Temple,
Spyrodox told Spargo of the fate of Col. Stiles.

Spargo felt relief that her brother came back unharmed.
She was still very concerned for Tigerman and Jon.

By late day, Jon and Tigerman found their way back to the island.
Jon felt a kinship with Tigerman, very much like his own family.
They were both happy to be back home.

They weren't exactly clear on the fate of Col. Nathan Stiles,
but felt sure they would soon find out.

Jon, Tigerman, Earth Mother, Spyrodox and Spargo Ferinus
all stood in front of the Ancient Temple and exchanged experiences.

Jon was secretly excited and proud,
as he was complimented on his wings by the rest of the family.

Not just because the wings meant he could fly
but also because they signified a step towards a higher level of existence.

Jon was now more evolved, and closer to the potential that lies within all humans.

Jon knew his adventures with Avatarians had only just begun.
Life with the Tigerman was bound to be interesting...

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