The Tigerman Saga
Part III

Chapter 31
When The World Fails
(So many worlds, so little time)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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There was never any doubt of Benu Fienix's mastery of the stone of "Original Matter".
Since the time of his discovery of it, he had assisted his fellow Avatarians,
in matters of planetary crisis, population recovery and advancement.

When Benu predicted the impending failure of Avataris' sun, no one doubted him.
Avatarian's life span was so long, that predictions of events a millennium in the future
were pertinent and there was impetus to react and make plans.

We humans of present day Earth, pay no attention to disasters of a thousand
years in the future, as we personally, will never have to deal with them.
We leave that for our future generations to suffer, with no previous provisions.

When a race of beings live thousands of years,
they will consider the long term consequences of their actions.

Part III of this Saga finds us witnessing the events over 200,000 years ago on Avataris,
as Avatarians make preparations for the failure of their sun,
a thousand years prior to it's end.

Pelexis explained to his family, that suitable relocation worlds must be found.
The portal Benu had created, using a small bit of the "Original Matter" would transmutate
life forms to anywhere in the universe, but the destination must be known prior to transporting.
Pelexis decided to be the one to go search out these new worlds, and send information back.

Pelexis had approximately one thousand years to locate as many places as possible.
Avatarians were a thoughtful and gentle race, and would not all go to one single place.
They were explorers, not conquerors.

Rather, they would spread themselves about very unobtrusively,
as to have as little negative effect as possible,
on resident life forms at their many chosen destinations.

Pelexis had a very long journey of extreme importance and abject loneliness,
and his fellow Avatarians depended on him for their lives, and the survival of their species.

Pelexis made a sad and sorrowful farewell to his remarkable family.
He knew, in all probability, that he would never see them again.

They too, were well aware of that fact.

After Pelexis said his farewells to Benu Fienix, Spargo Ferinus, and Spyrodox,
Avirha (Earth Mother) watched Pelexis and wept, as Pelexis transmutated off of Avataris,
to an ancient unused spaceport in a distant orbit around their planet.

There, he boarded a spacecraft that had not been used for thousands of years.

Pelexis had known that his journey would be so far flung, that he would never be able
to make it back to Avataris in time, before it's impending demise.

Pelexis arrived at the spaceport in an instant of transmutation.
He was breathing very stale air, that had sat dormant for thousands of years.
There had been no need for space travel using these mechanical devices

Avatarians had garnered so much knowledge of the universe,
and had created such a paradise of their own planet,
they had no longer felt any need for exploring space in mechanical devices.

All mechanical transportation devices on their planet, had fallen into total disrepair,
and dismantled on their planet's surface.
Time and atmosphere had taken it's toll on the ships on their planet.
They were no longer operable.

The cold dry vacuum of space had been kind to this ancient space portal
and the last spacecraft belonging to the Avatarians.

Avatarians had not had any need to dismantle this spaceport and ship,
so they had just left it alone to endlessly orbit their planet, unneeded for any future use.
Or, so they thought.

Luck (or fate) had allowed this place to be untouched for thousands of years.

Pelexis activated the force shield around the spaceport,
and charged it with breathable atmosphere.
He had no spacesuit and would have to walk to the ship, across the gangplank
dressed in his normal clothes.

He would have to leave the spaceport void of life support,
and render it unusable for any possible further use.

It made no difference, as Pelexis knew he would never be returning to this place again.

After securing an atmospheric "bubble" around the spaceport,
Pelexis opened the door leading to the gangplank that crossed over to the docking pad.

He stared down the gangplank toward the ship, and knew there was no way to ever return.

As Pelexis walked up to the ship, his thoughts were racing in his mind.
For some reason, he remembered the ship being much larger.

As he stared at this small spacecraft, he realized this tiny vessel
would be his home for a thousand years to come.

Pelexis already felt pangs of loneliness, and he had only been offplanet for 30 minutes.
There was no turning back now though.

Pelexis fired up the cold fusion drive, and the engines sprang to life.
He gently lifted off of the pad, and turned the ship towards the center of the universe.

Leaving the outer edges of the universe and moving inward,
Pelexis knew he would find younger galaxies and planets.
Places that were in their infancy in supporting life.

Pelexis would use the space distortion "rivers"
(tendrils of dark matter which connect all galaxies together)
to skip over huge distances very fast.

He would traverse these special "rivers" in space, to explore and find livable worlds.
Worlds that would be new homes for his fellow Avatarians.

Using a minute amount of special "oldest matter",
Pelexis would convey this information back to his home planet,
so that Avatarians could escape the failure of their own home world.

Pelexis would make absolutely certain to choose a very special place
for his own dear and beloved family.

The family he knew that he would never be with again..

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