The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 38
End Of The Line
(Every journey has an end, maybe)

This chapter is dedicated to Dipo,
a loyal fan of The Saga.

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Pelexis, freed from the crystal life forms, found himself exhausted.
One would think, that after not moving for 400 years, he would be well rested.

The crystals had taken an enormous toll on Pelexis, sapping his life energy.
Like crystalline vampires, sucking out the living essence from Pelexis.

Pelexis found himself sleeping a lot, while riding the space distortion rivers,
until trouble struck.

Big trouble!

Several alarms went off at the same time, waking Pelexis from a deep sleep.
He was dreaming of home and his family, back on Avataris.
Sweet solace was found in sleep for him, as his dreams were better than his reality.

Along with the alarm that indicated an approaching inhabitable planet,
several other alarms were screaming at him as well.

The outside of his ship was consumed in fire!

Pelexis realized that the only way there could have been fire outside the ship,
was if his oxygen was escaping, from the inside.
After all, fire needs oxygen to burn.

The stored oxygen of Pelexis' ship was escaping extremely fast, and had ignited as well.
This was a confusing and disastrous situation to wake up to.

The ship's instruments were guiding the small vessel towards the planet,
and the approaching planet's atmosphere created friction, which created heat.
The oxygen storage tanks had erupted and ignited from this heat.
The ship had sat untended for almost 400 years, while Pelexis was trapped in the crystal.
Time had not only exacted a toll on Pelexis, but obviously had taken a toll on the ship as well.

The only choice Pelexis had, was to steer the ship on towards the surface of the planet.
With the assistance of the ship's instruments, he attempted the best possible landing.

Pelexis scrambled to open numerous valves,
and dumped all of the oxygen from the storage cells, as fast as he could.
Pelexis also fired the large torpedoes, so the weapons would not explode from the crash.

As the ship neared the surface of the planet, it was engulfed in flames.
The heat inside the ship was intense, and the front viewports cracked.

Pelexis was straining, trying to breathe the incredibly hot interior air,
while trying to level his ship and make some sort of a survivable landing.

He was flying in very fast, and very HOT!

Pelexis hit the surface of water, and skipped across it
like a stone skipping over the surface of a pond.
His ship came to a very abrupt stop, as it hit the shoreline of a land mass.

Pelexis bounced around the interior walls of his ship the entire time,
breaking bones and smashing his head on hard surfaces..

Pelexis had not had time to strap himself in,
and took a severe beating as the ship made the crude crash landing.

Smoke filled the small ship, and was suffocating Pelexis.
Barely conscious, Pelexis knew he would have to get out,
before the heat and smoke killed him.

Not sure if the ship would explode,
Pelexis crawled away broken up and bleeding profusely.

Deep down he knew he was lucky to be alive,
but he also realized that in his battered physical condition,
being alive was probably a temporary situation.

It seemed ironic to Pelexis, that after all he had been through,
and the extremely long lives Avatarians were capable of,
that he would die alone on this planet.

Smelling the scent of fresh water, Pelexis crawled in that direction.
He was very thirsty, and wanted a drink of water very badly.

He continued to crawl, as his blood drained relentlessly from his head wound.

Pelexis drank deep, as his blood flowed.
Water couldn't replace the precious blood he was spilling though.
Pelexis sat up and smelled the air. He smelled life. An animal nearby.

He had never converged with another living being before, but knew of it.
Benu, his son, had discovered the process,
and Pelexis had a small piece of "The Stone" in his possession.

Pelexis was somewhat startled by the arrival at the watering hole,
of a large wild feline species.
Pelexis felt no fear, since he was near death anyway.

Communicating through telepathy with The Gardeners,
and possessing a small piece of the stone,
allowed Pelexis the ability to be strongly empathic with this large animal.

Pelexis understood that this large beast was very old, and near the end of his life.
He was unable to catch prey, and was too weak to even eat Pelexis.
Two living beings, one relatively young (in Avatarian terms) and the other quite old,
both at this waterhole, near death.

Fate, or faith, had intervened once again in Pelexis' life.
Pelexis knew what could be done, and took his best effort at accomplishing it.

Not quite certain of the exact process of convergence, and feeling very weak,
Pelexis leapt upon the beast and converged physically, at a molecular level.

His physical and non-physical form, became one with the large carnivorous feline.

Pelexis and the lion's thoughts merged as Pelexis' body was absorbed into the lion's.
The air crackled with power that was released from this unusual convergence.
Pelexis' body was so badly damaged, that there was no use for it anymore.

His body became one with the lion, and the lion was once again young.

Both minds sharing the same physical form was confusing at first.
The lion and Pelexis were both having to adjust to this unusual circumstance.
It was an excellent turn of events, and saved both of their lives.

Pelexis knew what the lion knew, and vise versa.
Their thoughts merged and became a single entity of both life forces.

The lion's thoughts knew the way back to his den,
and how to survive on this strange but beautiful planet.
Pelexis' thoughts were of his family back home,
and the sorrow of being unable to communicate his location to them.

This planet would have been perfect for them to all live together.

Lying deep in the jungle, listening to the nearby waterfall,
Pelexis The Lion's thoughts once again returned to his beloved family.

He was safe, and they would be safe. He had made certain of that.

Life can reward at the same time it punishes.
Pelexis wondered if he would ever see his family again.

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