The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 39
The Migration
(Leave, or be forever lost)

This chapter is dedicated to Dave Scoffin ,
a loyal fan of The Saga.

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Time passed, as Pelexis lived out his life marooned on a planet as a lion,
with no word left for his family as to his whereabouts.

Time passed, as Avataris became increasingly in peril from it's dying sun.
Ever darkening as the planet's sun grew dimmer, like a spark of life fading.

Time passed, while the population of Avataris prepared for their mass migration.
Avirha and her children, Spargo Ferinus and Spyrodox, were no exceptions.

Time passed, until it was time to leave.

Avataris' sun was dimming as Spyro and Spargo headed for the portal
that would transmutate them to the planet their father had chosen for them.

They had converged into the bodies of two leopards,
who would have been doomed to this dying world had Spargo and Spyro
not combined their life essences into these big cats.

Their father had communicated to their mother, that this planet was very special.
Regardless of whether or not Pelexis could ever join his family again,
he made certain that their future home would be the best he could find.

A very young planet, with lots of time ahead of it.
A long future awaited them.

Reality shimmered around Spyro and Spargo, as they slipped from their origin
to their new destination.

The portal transmutated them to the center of a jungle, teeming with life.
It was a destination on this young planet, that was decided by only chance.

Apprehension and fear filled Spyro and Spargo, as they gazed at their surroundings.
These feelings would soon be replaced with curiosity and a desire to explore.

They knew that their mother was not far behind,
but the chances of her landing in the same place they did,
was not only improbable, but undoubtedly impossible.

After securing the piece of "Original Matter",
that contained the life essence of her son Benu Fienix,
along with Benu's precious book,
Avirha entered the portal for her departure from Avataris.

Avirha's emotions were in turmoil.
It had been a very long time since she had heard from Pelexis,
and feared the worst.

She had no idea where he was, or if he was even alive.

Avirha felt the shimmer of reality also, as she began her trip.
She knew a bit about where she was going to, but no real details.

She too was aware that her chances of appearing
at the same spot her children landed, was impossible.

She would find them, no matter how long it took.

Reality blinked back and forth.
Avirha began to feel she was in two places at the same time.

She had chosen to keep her humanoid physical form,
knowing the Stone would protect her and maintain her life
as her original physical self.

Avirha saw mountains, then Avataris, then mountains again.
Her origin was being replaced by her destination.

The portaling process was very disturbing.
It was far easier to cope with, in an animal physical form.

She knew though, that the enormous task of finding her children
would be easier to conduct in her original Avatarian body.

The two physical locations pulsed back and forth as transmutation took place.
It was difficult for Avirha to maintain her equilibrium.

She could see glimpses of a vast expanse of arid land.

Avirha could also feel flashes of cold.

Although these glimpses of her destination looked bright and sunny,
Avirha could tell it was going to be rather cool in this new world.

As Avirha's physical presence settled in to this new place,
she realized it was going to be quite habitable.

Pelexis had found her a place that would be very livable.

As the last glimpse of Avataris disappeared from her view.
Avirha knew that she would not, nor could not,
ever go back to Avataris again.

The pulsing of the transmutation process came to a stop.
Avirha's knees felt weak, and she was unstable on her feet.

No longer able to stay on her feet, Avirha dropped to her knees.
She saw very little life, as far as her eyes could see.

She felt very very lonely.

She was somewhat comforted by the fact, that although he was trapped in the Stone,
Avirha still had Benu close to her.

For many days, weeks, even months,
Avatarians entered the portal, in animal forms,
and transmutated to the many places Pelexis had discovered.

The population of Avataris seeded itself across the universe,
each one carrying a small piece of the "Original Matter"

None knew of the fate finally dealt to Pelexis,
they simply knew they all owed him their lives.

All things physical have an end.
Even stars that are suns of living planets.

As long as life burns bright, there is always hope.

Life never ends, it simply changes.

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