The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 40
Neanderthal Encounter
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This chapter is dedicated to PaulineL,
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3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Avirha hiked towards the mountains, hoping to find some signs of life.
As she got closer, she heard strange voices. Voices speaking gibberish.

Avirha recognized that these voices were speaking in a very primitive tongue.
She decided she would hide the Ancient Book and Stone, before getting within view.

Avirha's curiosity was stirred, and she felt compelled to explore further.

Avirha found some rocks that would make a good temporary hiding
place for the Book and the Stone.

Off in the distance, she saw a humanoid standing next to the mountainside.
He appeared to be drawing or painting on the stone wall.
Avirha realized these beings were evolved enough to create art.

This somehow reassured her, and lessened her fear in making contact.
She decided after hiding her valuables,
she would go communicate with the humanoid.

The primitive language was quite easy for Avirha to figure out,
and she began to communicate with this male humanoid.

He was very friendly, and told her his name was Ergit.
She tried to tell him her name, and it took a bit before he could pronounce it.

He seemed very excited to meet Avirha, and showed her his drawings.
He explained to her, that he once encountered other beings
that were quite different from his own tribe.
Ergit told Avirha that she was very pale like the beings he once met,
and painted on the side of this mountain.

Avirha looked closely at the painting, and was very intrigued.
This painting of this being, looked very much like the beings
that Pelexis had described in one of his communications.
He had called them the Gardeners Of The Universe.

Avirha also noted the painting of what looked like a space ship.
She also observed his painting of a type of bovine,
and a big cat with huge front fangs.
Ergit told Avirha that those big cats were very dangerous
and were all around.
They would eat his fellow tribesmen, if they weren't very careful.

Avirha heard a couple other primitive voices, loud and brash.
They sounded fairly close.
She asked Ergit about these voices coming from around
the other side of the stone wall they were standing at.

Ergit told Avirha that they were Keelaz and Taow.
The rest of the tribe was out working, while they stayed behind.

Ergit explained that Keelaz and Taow were lazy and very loud.
The men didn't want them hunting with them,
because they were so noisy they would scare off the wild game.

The women didn't want them around while they were gathering roots, berries,
and small fruits, because their loud brash voices tended to draw in the big fanged cats.

This suited Keelaz and Taow just fine. They preferred to just sit all day doing nothing.
They cared nothing about contributing anything of value.
They preferred to just lay around, mocking and insulting other people in the tribe.

They had become quite an annoyance to the rest of the tribe, and had no real value.
The big obese loud one was Taow, and the little annoying one was Keelaz.

Ergit explained that these two tribesmen were considered a hindrance to the tribe.
They would however, make of trouble at every chance.
Especially to anyone they found different.
Their ways were cruel and very crude.

Ergit heard Keelaz and Taow's voices coming closer.
He knew when they saw Avirha, and noticed how different she was
they would want to do her harm.

Ergit told Avirha to run away from them as fast as she could.

Indeed, Keelaz and Taow saw Avirha and started to make chase.
Avirha saw them coming and thought about her Book and Stone.

She knew they were far too primitive to be allowed to get their
hands on objects of such great enlightenment.

Avirha took off for the stone where she had hid her precious valuables.

They had sat around doing nothing for so long,
that Avirha had no trouble outrunning these two primitive beings.

She easily outdistanced them,
but knew they would catch up while she was retrieving the Stone and Book.

As Avirha made her way back to the hiding spot,
she could hear Keelaz and Taow shouting and making loud noises.

Even while making chase, they continued to shout insults.

Avirha then sensed the presence of another lifeform.
Even on this strange new world, she recognized the presence of a big cat.
The two primitive male's loud mouths had attracted the attention of one of the
long fanged cats, such as Ergit had painted on the mountain.

As Avirha retrieved her precious valuables, she saw the big cat.
The big cat also took note of the two loud primitives.

Avirha held up the Stone and conveyed to the cat to just pass her by.
She communicated through the life essence of Benu, from within in the Stone.

The cat moved in on Taow and Keelaz.

Although there was no intention for the big cat to harm Avirha,
he was nevertheless still hungry.

He made a quick kill on the big obese primitive first, by ripping out his throat.

While the big obese humanoid laid twitching and bleeding profusely,
the long fanged cat went ahead and made a kill on the small loud one as well.

The big cat would eat well on that day.
The rest of the tribe would not miss these two worthless fellows very much.

The big cat would not be hungry again for quite some time.
He would not be a threat to the rest of the tribe for awhile either.
Maybe the two loud, lazy primitives were good for something after all.

Avirha calmly walked away, Book and Stone in hand,
wondering what other adventures awaited her on this young planet.

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