The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 5
Jon's Survival Efforts
(Human Instincts Prevail)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

After nearly a week of floating in the ocean, Jon's swim trunks had just about disintegrated.
Using the ingenuity that comes with being a cruising sailor and adventurer,
Jon began work on some clothes.

Using the materials at hand, Jon fabricated what could only be described
as garb from some Neanderthal ancestry.

Weaving together vines, moss and leaves, Jon felt quite proud of his new suit of clothes.
This cover would keep the sun from burning him, and maintain some modicum of civility.
Undoubtedly, there would also be a degree of camouflage inherent in this covering.

Jon fabricated himself a nice walking staff, using a sharp edged stone.
He pulled on his new suit of all natural clothing,
and felt confident that his instincts would prevail.

As Jon stood facing the late morning sun, he had an odd feeling.
A feeling that this was no ordinary jungle island.
There was something about this place, something different, something special.

Although totally depressed about losing his beautiful 48 foot schooner,
he knew that very unusual experiences lay ahead for him.

Jon swam out to his sailboat still broken and stranded on the reef,
and retrieved a long handled 4 prong gig.

It was a formidable utensil designed to spear unfortunate sea life, creating shipboard meals.

The gig was a design of Jon's, built to spear the fish that swam on the shady side of his boat.
Those tasty saltwater creatures who found shady solace next to his moving sailboat,
and ended up on the business end of Jon's homemade gig.

As Jon caught site of a young deer he knew this utensil of his own design,
would again serve it's intended purpose.

Jon threw the 4-pronged spear and made his mark.
Food was found.

After cleaning and dressing the deer, Jon hung the carcass between two trees.
He started a vigorous fire and cooked himself a generous portion of venison hindquarter.
He ate until he was too full to eat anymore.
It was quite different fare than the seafood he was use to.

The entire time though, he continued to have the feeling he was being watched.
Not knowing what type of predators might inhabit this jungle island,
Jon knew he would have to sleep very light.

Jon's instincts were true to form, there was indeed a curious and hungry watcher.

As Tigerman heard Jon beginning to snore, unable to maintain the light sleep he planned on,
Tigerman stealthily liberated the deer carcass between the two trees.

Tigerman relieved any guilt he may have had by reassuring himself that
even though Jon was losing his tasty prize, the human was damned lucky
that neither Tigerman nor the leopard, had killed Jon in his sleep.

As Tigerman and the leopard walked back to the ancient temple, lugging the deer carcass,
they laughed at the human, and knew their bellies would soon be quite full.

As Jon enjoyed his sleep, his stomach full and dreaming of sailing the ocean,
and Tigerman and the leopard feeling clever and in possession of a true food bounty,
Earth Mother gazed into the pool of special water and saw an ill omen.

A human of most evil of intentions was preparing his way to this jungle island.

This was the same human who wiped out Tigerman's entire race here,
and many more living creatures as well.

A killer for pleasure and an exploiter of all that is wild and free.

Earth Mother saw his image next to her own in the reflective waters.
His cruel face and steel blue eyes brought forth feelings of fear and loathing.

Earth Mother wasn't sure when he would arrive,
only that his coming was inevitably at hand....

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