The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 41
A Brush With Royalty
(Greed is the companion of power)

This chapter is dedicated to Ladybug Susie,
a loyal fan of The Saga.

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Avirha hiked, explored and observed for thousands and thousands of years..
She watched as the Neanderthals disappeared, eventually replaced by Homo sapiens.

Avirha managed to always stay outside of harm's way.
She relied on the power of The Stone many times in many places.

Her son, Benu Fienix, was able to communicate with her,
even though he was trapped in The Stone.

Avirha saw this world becoming more populated with humans, as time passed.
She knew she would have to transmutate her appearance,
if she were to be able to mingle with these beings.

Avirha knew that each time she called upon the powers of The Stone,
she would diminish it's size.
Avirha realized that she was chipping away at Benu's physical container
each time she used The Stone.

Avirha tried to weigh and balance each and every use of The Stone,
in an attempt to preserve the size of it.

She also realized that her safety was Benu's safety.

Avirha called once more upon The Stone, and felt it's tremendous power.
She could feel the pulsing energy transmutating her into the physical form
of the resident beings of this planet.

Avirha knew that this transformation would put a tremendous strain on her son,
and reduce the size of The Stone. It was a necessary task.

Avirha, now in her new physical form, paused to allow her strength to come back.
She felt the stone in her hand, and realized it was now somewhat smaller.

Avirha had no idea what she would do,
when The Stone became too small to contain Benu's life essences.

She knew that Benu's thoughts also sometimes pondered this eventuality.
Between the two of them, they would eventually think of something.

After adjusting to her new physical form, Avirha briskly hiked towards civilization.
She was quite amazed at some of the structures she observed.
The pyramid shapes were powerful building designs,
and were quite often used on her former world, Avataris.

Avirha couldn't help but wonder, if the elder beings that watched this world,
might not have a hand in some of the progress on this planet.

Avirha could feel that Benu was restless in The Stone, and yearned to take a short escape.
At nightfall, she would find a good place to allow his essence to take momentary flight.

Benu was able to separate his life essence from The Stone for very brief periods.
Once Avirha put some distance between her and the pyramids,
she prepared for Benu's ethereal flight.

The smaller The Stone got, the more anxious Benu became to take these flights.
Avirha knelt and prepared to observe Benu's brief but exhilarating escape.

Benu's life energy flew from The Stone like a bird leaving a cage.
The Stone was like a prison to Benu, and these short escapes were eagerly anticipated.

With a crackling and pulsing power, Benu pulled his life essence away from The Stone
and flew into the oncoming night sky.

Avirha was so enthralled to watch her son make his ghostly flight,
she failed to notice the Egyptian who was observing these events.

He was one of the local King's Royal Guards, and was mesmerized by his observations.
He knew he would have to report these events back to his King, right away.

The Royal Guard watched Avirha, and took note of The Stone.
It looked like a fiery jewel, and he was quite sure it was valuable.

Benu had circled behind the Egyptian, and took note of his presence.
He knew he would have to inform Avirha that they had been observed
as soon as possible.

The Egyptian had heard Avirha speaking to the fiery apparition,
and noted that she called him Benu "Phoenix".

He would tell this story repeatedly over his life,
and from this event, the legend of the fiery Phoenix (or Benu Bird)
would be passed down throughout history.

While the Royal Guard ran back to the palace to inform his King of these events,
Avirha found some desert palms and decided to bury the Ancient Book.
She was unsure of what would happen next,
and wanted to make certain The Book safely hidden.

As Avirha had anticipated, the Royal Guard searched and found her.
The King had sent him to look for her.

Upon finding her, he escorted Avirha back to the wealthy King's lavish palace.
Avirha cooperated with the Royal Guard,
as he assured her she was safe and would be made welcome.

Avirha felt comfort in tightly holding The Stone,
knowing that her son Benu Fienix was close at hand.

Upon reaching the door to the palace,
the Guard informed Avirha to proceed through the door into the main chamber.

He had other duties to attend to, but the King and Queen awaited her.
Avirha reluctantly proceeded.

Upon entering the Royal Chamber, the King instructed Avirha to kneel before him.
This didn't set well with Avirha, but she complied.

The King and Queen started talking with a friendly tone in their voices.
They began to start asking Avirha questions that she could not, and would not answer.

The King and Queen began to get hostile and agitated.

The King informed Avirha that he would relieve her of the large jewel
as an appropriate gift for the Queen.
It would pay proper homage to the Queen, and ensure that Avirha could leave alive.

Avirha could see that there was not going to be any negotiation with the King.
His vast wealth and power had conditioned him to always get his way.

She could feel Benu's essence rising up and The Stone's energy increasing.

Avirha knew that at this point, Benu was ready to take over.

As the King rose to his feet, and his loud and annoying Queen spouted obscenities,
time froze and the King and Queen were immobilized in mid-sentence.

Avirha could also feel her physical presence changing locations.

In a blink of an eye, Avirha found herself back outside the palace..
There was no one around, time was stopped, and Avirha decided to move on.

Avirha went back for the book, as time began to move again.
She knew these events would cause a great disturbance
so decided to explore elsewhere.

Avirha could also feel The Stone had diminished in size once again.
This deeply concerned Avirha.

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