The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 42
The Messenger Arrives
(There are none so blind as those that cannot see)

This chapter is dedicated to Heather Reazin,
a loyal fan of The Saga.

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Over the next three thousand years, Avirha explored much of this planet.
She watched as mankind changed and grew in numbers..

Avirha wandered great distances century after century.
Her son Benu Fienix, trapped in the The Stone,
was her only true companion.

Avirha was lonely though, and wanted someone to talk freely with.

Avirha explored beautiful places.
Some reminding her of her home world, Avataris,
far away and forever uninhabitable.

Avirha watched as these primitive humans went to war and killed each other,
a practice that had been abandoned long ago by her race.
Avatarians had long ago outgrown the desire to fight,
feel greed, and desire power.

Avirha couldn't help but wonder,
how long this race would take to grow up.

She continued to explore, looking for a human that would give her hope.

Avirha was crossing a vast land late at night, and spotted a unique star in the sky.
Typically finding her way around using the sun and the stars in the sky,
she knew she had not seen this star before.

Avirha saw three regal looking men traveling by camel,
who appeared to be heading in the direction of this bright star.

Avirha felt curious and was compelled to follow them

Avirha's journey, brought her to a town known as Bethlehem.
She noted the three camels, bedded for the night outside a livestock stable.
The three regal men were not in sight, so Avirha surmised they must be inside.

There seemed to be a glow emanating from the stable,
and Avirha could hear the cry of a newborn baby.

Avirha traveled on but realized she had witnessed,
from a distance, a very special event.

Avirha continued to explore for many years, never forgetting that special night.

She arrived at a sea called Gennesaret, or Galilee.
Avirha allowed Benu time out of the stone,
and he flew with enthusiasm across the sea and into the water.

Avirha was always aware that the Stone continued to get smaller as time passed.

Upon reaching a river known as Jordan, Avhira waded in to refresh herself.
Over thirty years had passed since her encounter with the birth of that special child.
She had thought often of that occurrence, and wondered the fate of the small baby.

Avirha was startled by what she saw next.
One of the beings that Pelexis had called a Gardener of the Universe,
appeared before her. Thinking she was alone, it caught her off guard.

The Gardener, or Watcher, spoke to her telepathically, and calmed her.

The Gardener knew Avirha was aware that there was a singular higher power
from which all life in the universe came.
This power conceived the universe, and was the source of all life.

Avirha heard the Gardener tell her
of their observations of many worlds in the universe.
The Gardener also told her that they had been watching her as well.

She asked the Gardener if they were aware of the child she had encountered.
The Gardener told her it was a special man.
A man born directly from the source of all life.
An enlightened man, free from all greed, jealousy, cruelty and hate.

Avirha remarked to the Gardener, that he would be someone
that all others could hold as an example of conquering their imperfections.
The Gardener told her that the people were too primitive to understand The Message.

Maybe someday, in the very distant future, the ultimate Truth would be known.

The Gardener then disappeared, and Avirha moved on.

Avirha traveled for many miles, and was passing by the back side of a large hill.
At the top of the hill, she could see three men being executed.
They were being put to death in a cruel manner
in which only these primitive humans could conceive.

Avirha saw a faint glow around the man on the center cross.

Avirha realized who the man was.

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