The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 45
Being Earth Mother
(Around the world in less than a second)

This chapter is dedicated to Heather "_LochNess_",
a loyal fan of The Saga.

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Avirha wandered around this alien landscape for over another half a millennium.
She had managed to keep herself out of view, and out of trouble.
She found herself in a time period humans called the nineteenth century.

Always keeping her ears open to important or interesting information,
Avirha had heard strange rumors over the centuries.

She had heard of a place thousands of years old,
that had some sort of "machine" that was made by beings not of this world.

Over many thousands of years, earlier humans had buttressed this machine
with great stones, to mark it's position, and possibly other reasons.

Only a few humans were ever able to see the machine, and even then,
only infrequently as simply a glimpse out of the corner of their eye.
This notion intrigued Avirha and she set out to find this remarkable "machine"
and uncover it's true purpose.

As Avirha strolled through a city near the end of day,
she greeted a startled gentleman with a friendly "good day".

Her mind was on the nearby location of this "otherworldly machine".

She knew Merlin had retained a tiny sample of Benu's "Ancient Stone",
that was in his bowl of fire, while she had snatched the Urn.
This tiny bit of "Oldest Matter" had served him well in experiments and conjecture,
and earned him the title of "Magician".

Avirha knew well that it was not magic that Merlin practiced,
just ancient physics, most of which was out of the scope of his comprehension.

He was able to use Benu's "Stone" to clearly view the machine,
and even had tried to lay claim to it.

Merlin was unable to actually make it do anything though.

As Avirha sat in a forest late at night, not far from the machine,
she was greeted by a "Gardener".

The being casually floated above the ground cross-legged,
and explained the details of operating this complex machine.
The being conveyed to her the purpose, and how it remained so well hidden.

The machine set a fraction of a second out of human's time plane of existence,
so that it was not visible to them. There was the rare occasional human, over the ages,
that would catch a glimmer of a glimpse now and then, but never a clear view.

Merlin was able to clearly see it, hundreds of years ago,
simply because he had a minute amount of Benu's "Stone".

Early in the morning, Avirha set out westerly, to the site of that unusual machine.

She had the knowledge and the "Stone"
to make this machine come alive and do her bidding.
She now had a means and a purpose in her life.

The purpose was the same as always, but the means was new to her.

Avirha poured four or five drops of this very precious substance
upon a special "control stone" described to her by the Gardener.

This substance had remnants of Benu's Stone,
that had been liquefied by a blundering Merlin.

Benu's "Original Matter" was actually from the Gardener's home world,
that had exploded so many millions of years ago.

That connection was made, and began to activate the control stone.

The control stone began to vibrate and hum, pulsating with power.

Time slipped back a fraction of a second for Avirha.

The Gardener's machine appeared, hovering somewhat above the ground.
Avirha understood that the machine was always there in this space,
it was just slightly out of the human's realm of time though.

With a mixture of anticipation and excitement,
Avirha approached the machine as it lowered inside the stone monoliths.
The machine was activated and ready to do her bidding.

Avirha instinctively knew there were probably a great many things this machine could do,
and that the Gardener told her only what she needed to know for her own purpose.

The other secrets of the Gardeners' machine would remain known only to them.

Avirha walked with a bit of apprehension, into the interior of the machine.
She carried with her Benu's Book, the Urn with the remnants of Benu's Stone
and of course, within her own physical being, Benu Fienix's life essence.

She felt herself rise up off the ground several feet,
and the machine began to do it's "otherworldly" work.

Two very startled leopards, one spotted and one black,
watched from their jungle island as this woman appeared out of nowhere.

For two hundred thousand years, life had changed very little for these two big cats.

Avirha realized, that in a fraction of a second,
this machine had found and transported her to the exact location
of her other two children.

Spyrodox and Spargo Ferinus.

Avirha stood, bathed in the afterglow of that rapid trip to the other side of the world.
Although similar in this particular function to the Avatarian's own transport portals,
Avirha also knew there was far more to that machine, than she would never know.

Avirha cared little about what else the Gardener's machine could do.
She was ecstatic to see both of her other children, alive and well.

Spargo stepped up to Avirha reluctantly, while Spyro crouched and hissed.
Spargo felt an immediate connection, while Spyrodox had no recollection.

They had occupied this jungle island for so long, as animals,
the details of their previous Avatarian lives had faded to distant memories.

Spargo then begin to communicate with Avirha, telepathically.
As her memories came flooding back, she let Avirha know that Spyro
had converged with the black leopard because of a severe injury
to the body of the spotted leopard, that he had occupied for so many thousands of years.

He had not gained back his Avatarian memories yet,
and was still confused about his convergence with the black leopard.

Avirha hugged her daughter Spargo, while Spyro looked on, confused.
She told Spargo, that Spyrodox would understand in due time.
That is something Avatarians had a lot of.
Lots of time.

Spargo looked lovingly at Avirha, and said,
"you never forgot us, you are our true mother everywhere,
even on this planet Earth."

"You are forever, our Earth Mother."

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