The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 6
The Confrontation
(Conflict can lead to cooperation)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

Tigerman and the black leopard sat next to the Urn Of Fire, while the sun rose.
They laughed and talked, and discussed how they got over on this new human.
He would be confused and angry when he woke up and found his deer carcass gone.
Too bad they couldn't see his face. What could he do against the two of them?

They were certain he would take his losses in stride,
knowing that it took a large being to just carry off an entire deer carcass like that.
He should count himself lucky to still be alive.

While enjoying their delicious breakfast, the black leopard shared his name with Tigerman.
He told Tigerman his name had a long history,
going all the way back to the Enlightened Ancient Ones.

He was named Spyrodox, after a very noble and wise ancient being.

Jon followed the venison blood drops and some very unusual footprints.
One set of footprints appeared human, while the other like an animal's. Like a large cat.

As he stood behind a tree, and looked at a large stone building, he could not believe his eyes.
There was a black leopard and a being such as he had never seen before.

Half-man, half tiger. Jon had instinctively felt there was something very unusual about this place.
At the same time he saw his recent kill hanging behind them, and was enraged.

Jon stiffened his resolve, gathered up his courage, and started walking their way.
He could hear what actually sounded like laughter coming from them.
This angered him even more. He had no idea how plentiful game was here,
and he was not about to let these odd creatures just walk away with his food.

Jon boldly walked right up to them and confronted them as sternly as possible.

He hoped that like most animals, he could bluff them down and they might possibly run.
The leopard took a crouched but fearful posture while the human looking fellow rose.
Jon mustered all of his courage and continued forward.

The big striped humanoid wielded a large broadaxe, and looked like he meant business.

Jon held his four pronged spear by his side with the prongs near Tigerman's throat,
hoping to further intimidate him. Tigerman was not impressed. He hated humans.

Spyrodox the leopard watched Jon from behind. If this human made a further move,
Spyro would be on Jon's shoulders and tear out the back of his neck.
At this point, Jon knew they were not going to back down.

Maybe the meat wasn't as important as Jon had thought after all...

About the time Jon thought his life was ending, for a second time, something odd happened.
The beautiful lady he thought was only a dream, suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Jon, Tigerman, and Spyrodox, were paralyzed and hurled into the air, hovering.
They were going to listen to what Earth Mother had to say, and obviously had no choice.
While holding the three suspended and frozen midair,
Earth Mother told them they were going to all get along. NO choice about this.

They were in no real danger from each other and would learn to work together.
There was however, an unimaginable danger heading towards their jungle island.

They were going to need each other's assistance in this matter or surely die.
Of this, they could be assured....

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