The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 7
Three Day Crossing
(A voyage of evil intentions)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Colonel Nathan "Snake" Stiles was a cruel and heartless man.

He carried a black soul, totally void of any warmth or caring, and a heart of pure ice.
His family had been wealthy when he was very young, but his father ran off
with a close friend's wife. After which, his friend promptly took his own life.

Stiles' mother lost everything, so ended up raising young Nathan in a life
of poverty. His mother never remarried, and lived a life of deep sadness.
One could speculate that these harsh life experiences, molded Nathan in some
sort of dark and damned manner, and effected his ability to feel any emotions.

At age 17, Stiles left his mother to force her to suffer her sorrow alone.
Abandoning her, caused him absolutely no remorse.
She wept as he left, which brought a small wry smile to his pinched face.

Stiles joined the military to escape his depressing existence,
and hopefully kill something, or someone. He actually obtained some
impressive rank until caught smuggling stolen historical artifacts,
drugs, and rare animal parts. He was dishonorably discharged from the military.
He didn't care, he had created a trade during his near 20 years of military service.

Even though he was thrown out of the military, "Col." Stiles was just arrogant enough
to use his formerly stripped rank, as he introduced himself to others.
His nickname "Snake" was given him by those serving under him while in the service.
They felt he was so mean, that the nickname was indeed appropriate.

Big game hunting was profitable, especially when harvesting endangered species.
Ten to twenty thousand dollars for a tiger hide, not counting all their other parts.
Rare leopards were killed, and elephants when available. Ivory tusks were in high demand,
and elephant's feet made nice trash cans for rich executives and heads of state.

Stiles had accumulated some decent wealth, and had an impressive home on the beach.
Secluded and plush, on the mainland of the Pacific Rim, it was ideal for Stiles' living needs.

Stiles had some henchmen willing to do almost anything, and nearly as morally deficient as he.
He had the trade and money, they had the greed and lack of scruples to follow him anywhere.

These three partners were somewhat new to working with Col. Stiles, and were brothers.
The McDaniel brothers.

The oldest was short and balding with dark thinning hair, and went by the name Ricco.
He was short on brains, and seemed to be the one who could always make a mess of anything.
The middle brother Joe, had brown hair and was taller. Joe seemed to have the most brains.
The youngest brother was named Robert, and was the "ladies man" of the three.
He was proud of his long blond hair, was egotistical, and constantly bragging.
All three were knowledgeable of the jungle, and able bodied with boats.

These three brothers were perfect for Stiles' needs.
He discussed an island with them, that he had frequented many times before.
Tigers had been plentiful and easily taken, due to the jungle being on an island.
There was absolutely no escape available for Stiles' unfortunate prey.

Col. Stiles instructed the McDaniel brothers that they would be leaving in the morning for
a three day voyage to the island. They would take any tigers left, and plunder the island
for all the leopards they could find and kill.

What Stiles didn't tell the brothers, were the very unusual happenings on the island.
There were ruins that he had seen, that could yield treasure if explored while they were there.

If there was treasure there, Stiles certainly didn't want the McDaniel brothers to know.
If there was treasure there, Stiles would prefer to voyage back to the mainland alone.

Stiles and the McDaniel boys left out early in the morning, heading east into the rising sun.
They went to sea in Stiles' two refurbished boats. Now powered by diesel inboard engines,
this pair of boats still retained their old steam boilers for auxiliary power.
In a pinch, such as running out of fuel or diesel breakdown, the steam power could be
implemented and burn any type of fuel, even wood if needed.
Due to his military training, Col. Snake Stiles believed in contingency plans.

With a three day voyage ahead, the four callous men drank heavily and discussed the island,
talking of the money they would make off of the prey they would soon be taking.
Stiles thought about the unexplored ancient ruins there, possibly containing treasure.

If treasure was found, Stiles would make certain to save 3 bullets for the McDaniel brothers.

Late in the night, Earth Mother peered into the marble pool of the special "sweet water",
watching the villainous quartet make their way towards the jungle island.

She had seen Col. Stiles hunt the tigers here, down to the very last one,,, almost.
She knew Jon would be familiar with human ways and their use of guns.
Although not even Jon could be prepared for a man as soulless, as Col. Snake Stiles.

She dearly hoped that Tigerman, Jon and Spyrodox could handle the upcoming events.

Taking turns at the helm of the two small boats, two would keep course while two slept.
Booze flowed like water, and the seas favored their voyage.

They were making eight knots steady, on an easterly heading in calm Pacific waters.

On the third day, they approached the island at dusk with the sun setting at their backs.
Just as Stiles had planned, a dusk landing ensured there would be no sun in their eyes
to obscure their view of the reefs below the water's surface, which could pose danger.

Snake Stiles was no stranger to island hopping and navigating his way around Pacific reefs.
The McDaniel brothers knew of Stiles' considerable skills, and trusted him unquestionably.

They were fervently wishing for some extreme blood spilling.
They would soon be getting their wish...

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