The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 8
Beach Landing
(Tensions rise)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
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Upon reaching the island, Stiles and the McDaniel brothers brought the shallow draft boats,
onto sandy bottom, and anchored them bow and stern.

They pulled the canopies off each boat to use as land shelter.
Upon offloading the crates of supplies, Col. Stiles noted that a crate of food was missing.
That was half of their food supply, missing!

Ricco McDaniel was in charge of getting the food supplies together, and loading them.
Col. Stiles' temper began to blaze. He was here for income. Animal parts, maybe treasure.
He displayed his truly insane nature, as he confronted Ricco about the missing food supplies.
Ricco was always drinking and screwing up. Now he may have jeopardized Stiles' mission.

Col. Stiles just could not believe that Ricco screwed up this badly. Stiles was livid!

Stiles was so mad, he decided to just do away with this incompetent fool.
He aimed his .45 and told Ricco to get on his knees and prepare to die.
Joe and Robert begged Stiles to spare their brother's life.

They assured Stiles that Ricco could make it up to them. Ricco was proficient with guns,
and the island jungle teemed with wildlife. Stiles calmed down just a bit,
and told Ricco he had a lot of work to do. Ricco thanked Stiles for sparing his life.

They gathered up the canopies, crates and firearms and headed into the edge of the jungle.
Still boiling mad, Stiles told Ricco to go into the jungle and get them something to eat.

Nightfall was not too far off, and this made Ricco very nervous. Stiles told Ricco, that he had
an appetite for leopard meat. They could have the hide and parts as profit off that meal.

Stiles had told the brothers about the possibility of one remaining tiger here,
and Stiles wanted him. The thought of a full grown tiger made Ricco even more nervous.

Stiles handed Ricco a large caliber revolver, and told him to get busy killing dinner.
Reluctantly, Ricco headed into the dark jungle, with night upon him.
He hoped he would find something quick. He also hoped nothing found him.

None of these four humans were astute enough to realize that Tigerman was there,
hiding behind a tree, hearing the entire conversation.

Tigerman went back to the ancient temple and met with Spyrodox and Jon.
He relayed what he had heard, and the poacher's plans.
Tigerman felt that with one of the humans leaving the camp to head into the jungle alone,
this would be an ideal time to reduce the human's ranks by one.

Jon objected to this. He felt that these men had done nothing yet, to warrant murder.
Tigerman knew first hand what Stiles was capable of. He was the reason
that Tigerman had been the last of his kind. There were no more tigers here, because of him.

Jon was in no position to argue with a man that was half tiger, wielding a broad axe.
Not to mention his partner, a 220 pound leopard. He objected, but could do nothing to stop it.
Tigerman spoke to Spyro in big cat speak, and told him to stay behind and watch Jon.

Tigerman was going to handle this alone, and wanted no interference.

As the jungle got darker and darker, Ricco became increasingly nervous.
He kept having that feeling that he was being watched. That he was not alone.

Ricco realized that this was a typical reaction from fear, and that he had to keep looking.
If he went back to camp empty handed, Stiles could be worse than anything in this jungle.

Or, so he thought...

By three AM, Ricco had still not returned to camp.
Stiles was ready to just go ahead and put a bullet in Ricco's head.
Stiles was ranting that Ricco screwed up everything that he did. He was worthless.
Joe and Robert told Stiles that they were going to go look for their brother.
They asked Stiles if he would come. There is safety in numbers in the jungle at night.

Col. Stiles agreed. In the event they ran across a leopard,
or some other rare animal, the night wouldn't be a total loss.

Secretly, Stiles didn't really relish the thought of staying behind at camp,,, alone.
Like all evil humans, deep down inside, Stiles was actually a coward...

After searching for several hours, Stiles and company stopped looking.
They figured Ricco got hopelessly lost, and was probably asleep in a tree somewhere.

They would find him when the sun came up. They headed back to camp.

Returning back to camp, they found Ricco. Or, part of him anyway.
His brothers were crushed, and in terrible pain. Ricco was the oldest of them,
and even though he screwed up all the time, he was still their flesh and blood.

Snake Stiles was smiling ever so slightly. This guy wouldn't be eating any of their short
food supplies now. Stiles was disturbed at the nature of Ricco's death though.
Ricco's head was cleanly severed off. The head and his pistol had been returned to camp.
Stiles knew there was trouble ahead.

Robert and Joe, in their grief, agreed there must still be a big tiger in the forest,
to have killed their brother so brutally as this.

Little did the brother's realize,
they were half right...

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