The Tigerman Saga

Chapter 9
Taking Prey
(Who's hunting whom?)

3D Art And Story Concept By: Catman Webb
(allow load time, if dial up)

After the remaining two McDaniel brothers, gave their brother a proper burial
(which didn't take very long, considering how little of him was left),
Stiles and his men had a light and fitful sleep. The McDaniels were in grief, Stiles in fear.

They would sleep as well as possible, then get moving at daybreak.
Stiles was out for profit, the brothers were out for revenge.

Two days passed by without spotting anything to make money off of, or exact revenge.
On the third day, in late afternoon, the hunting crew encountered prey, or so they thought.

An enormous spotted leopard appeared in front view of the poachers.
Stiles seemed to have trouble focusing his eyes on the leopard,
and the McDaniel brothers couldn't even see it until Stiles pointed it out.

Stiles opened fire on the spotted leopard, with his .45, feeling sure about his aim.
He was positive he made a heart and two head shots, yet the leopard continued to run.
Then out of his left eye he spotted another leopard, a black one, who seemed to be watching.

Stiles ordered Robert to follow the spotted leopard, who would soon be dying,
while he and Joe would go after the black leopard.
Two in one day. This was good business.

Col. Stiles and Joe took off to the left after the black leopard, while Robert split to the right
to follow the spotted cat. Robert had considerable trouble keeping the leopard in view.

Robert could hear Stiles swearing at Joe, and knew that they had lost track of the black cat.

Robert knew he had to finish off the spotted leopard, or suffer Col. Stiles' wrath.

Spyrodox had backtracked and came up on Robert, with Tigerman following closely.
Robert opened fire on this ghostly spotted leopard, emptying his large revolver.
Nothing happened, the spotted cat continued to just sit there.
Tigerman and Spyro both thought the human crazy, shooting at nothing but bushes.

Neither of them could see the spotted cat, so were unaware of what the humans were shooting at.
Nonetheless, Spyrodox did what was required, leaping onto Robert's back..

As Spyro finished off Robert, Tigerman laid in the bushes
and contemplated the oddness of humans.
Spyro and Tigerman had not seen the spotted leopard,
and had no idea of what had just happened.

When Joe and Stiles returned to camp, empty-handed, they were coldly welcomed by Robert.
Joe wept profusely upon seeing Robert's lifeless body.
This trip for profit was becoming a nightmare.

Stiles could plainly see that this death was definitely from an animal attack.
He was confused on how the body was returned and laid on the same spot
where Ricco's head was placed.

Meanwhile Jon watched the proceedings, hiding behind a tree, wondering what he should do.

Jon decided to sleep in the forest and keep a wide distance
from Tigerman and Spyrodox for the night.
He knew that Stiles and the McDaniel brothers were evil to the core.
His conscience still bothered him though.

While Jon stared into the campfire, feeling very hungry and alone,
a peacefulness came over him.
It was as if a presence was near, that consoled and protected.
Something felt familiar. Something felt right.
The feeling you get when a good friend approaches. You know things will be fine.

Jon felt as if he were about to make a good friend.
A very good friend.

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