The Tigerman
The Last Tiger In The Forest
Finding a new life the only way possible, as a human/tiger hybrid.
3D Art And Story By: Catman Webb
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The spirit of the forest named Earth Mother,
encountered the last tiger in this forest.

Earth Mother felt sadness at the thought that all of the tigers had been taken.
She realized that with only one, there could be no more here. Even this tiger was in danger.
Knowing this, she used her "changeling" powers to turn the tiger into a man/tiger hybrid.

Using her influences over nature and the spirit of life forces, she imparted the thoughts and
reasoning of humans. She allowed the Tigerman to also keep his abilities of a tiger.

She told the Tigerman, still so much part tiger, that he will have dominion over this forest.
His duties are to make certain that no other animals, nor any life in this forest,
will ever be taken or exploited again.

With the awesome power of a tiger, and the intelligence and wisdom of an evolved human,
The Tigerman watches and protects this forest, using any means necessary.....

So, The Tigerman stays ever vigilant, watching for those who might enter that forest,
and take away or harm any of Earth Mother's precious lives there.

Anyone foolish enough to do so, will never leave that forest again...

You may walk that forest, and never see The Tigerman if you are doing no harm.
Always know though, that he will indeed be watching you...

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