The Tigerman Saga
Written And Illustrated By: Catman Webb

Created in support of Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary,
National Wildlife Humane Society

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Table Of Contents

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Part I
Introduction - The Last Tiger In The Forest
(New Readers Start Here)

Chapter 1 - The Tigerman's First Night

Chapter 2 - Tigerman Finds Self Awareness

Chapter 3 - Tigerman Finds A Home

Chapter 4 - The Accidental Human

Chapter 5 - Jon's Survival Efforts

Chapter 6 - The Confrontation

Chapter 7 - Three Day Crossing

Chapter 8 - The Beach Landing

Chapter 9 - Taking Prey

Chapter 10 - Jon Makes An Ethereal Friend

Chapter 11 - Treasure At Any Cost

Chapter 12 - Spyrodox's Ascension

Chapter 13 - Unanticipated Traveling

Chapter 14 - Secrets Of The Stone

Chapter 15 - The Revelations Of Avataris

Tigerman Saga - Epilogue Part I

Part II
Chapter 16 - All That Glittered Is Not Gold

Chapter 17 - The Second Crossing

Chapter 18 - The Obsession Of Stiles

Chapter 19 - Transmutations

Chapter 20 - Stiles Unlocks Secrets

Chapter 21 - The Chase Is On

Chapter 22 - Entering The City, Mayaplasa

Chapter 23 - Tigerman Chooses A Hideout

Chapter 24 - Stiles Finds A Reason To Live

Chapter 25 - Family Reunion

Chapter 26 - The Dreams Of The Insane

Chapter 27 - Hell Is What You Make It

Chapter 28 - A Leap Of Faith

Chapter 29 - Two Generations, Out The Window

Chapter 30 - Reaping What Was Sown

Tigerman Saga - Epilogue Part II

Part III
Chapter 31 - When The World Fails

Chapter 32 - Finding New Homes

Chapter 33 - The Island World

Chapter 34 - The Gardeners Of The Universe

Chapter 35 - An Ocean Of Sand

Chapter 36 - Crystal World

Chapter 37 - Sweet Release

Chapter 38 - End Of The Line

Chapter 39 - The Migration

Chapter 40 - Neanderthal Encounter

Chapter 41 - A Brush With Royalty

Chapter 42 - The Messenger Arrives

Chapter 43 - The Stone Is Gone

Chapter 44 - The Solitude Ends

Chapter 45 - Being Earth Mother

Tigerman Saga - Epilogue Part III


Tigerman Saga - Special Features

About The Saga

About Benu Fienix
The "Enlightened One" Of Ancient Avataris

About The Author

The Avatarian Family
The entire Avatarian Family, over 200,000 years ago.
All names chosen in contests, by the readers.


The Tigerman Saga was created in support of:
National Wildlife Humane Society
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